Japan Travel Guide for Anime Fans Released

An Otaku Abroad: The Affordable Japan Experience for Anime and Manga Fans

Fayetteville, NC, March 5, 2013 – Otaku (anime and manga fan) Sarah Rothman spent five months exploring Japan in 2011. She used anime and manga to guide her exploration of the country. She is sharing her experiences in a new book that details her discoveries and shows other anime fans how to plan their own trips to Japan while saving money. The book is entitled “An Otaku Abroad” and covers all aspects of planning a trip to Japan, traveling within the country, and experiencing the culture from the point of view of an anime fan.

Sarah overcame many obstacles to bring this information back including the great Tohoku earthquake, freak blizzards, broiling heat, and scariest of all, the Tokyo subway system at rush hour. Her book provides detailed information for anime fans about little known towns like Iga, Nikko and Takarazuka, as well as major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Sarah guides fans to anime and manga museums, living history sites, and centers of anime culture like Akihabara. She also gives money saving tips on travel, lodging, food, and attractions to make travel to Japan affordable.

ABOUT SARAH ROTHMAN: An Otaku Abroad is Sarah Rothman's first book. She is completing a degree in New Media at University of North Carolina, Asheville. An Otaku Abroad is 201 pages with 197 full color photos. It is available in paperback for $29.99 and as a Kindle e-book for $4.99 through www.amazon.com (ISBN 9781478207344). For more information, please visit the book website at www.otakuabroad.com..

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