Voice Actor/Director Richard Epcar Reprises Role as "Tron" for DJs at AMA 2013

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, USA. APRIL 25TH, 2013 – Anime Mid Atlantic is proud to welcome the return of elecTRONic Mayhem. The boys are back! They are Voice Actor/ Director Richard Epcar, DJs Jesse James Felice, Rob Lantz, and special guest DJ “The Stig.” Last year at elecTRONic Mayhem these four talents put a humble convention rave on the map. The concept was easy enough, Jesse James Felice and Rob Lantz wanted to throw an amazing party with amazing people. They didn't want to just go for hosting a great con rave, they wanted to throw a great musical celebration; and event to be proud of in front of the most accomplished and well travelled DJs as well as the most die-hard Video Game and Anime fans. Grab you and pull you in was the going motto for that evening.

“The Stig” and” Anime/Video Game Voice Actor/Director Richard Epcar found out the 2 headlining DJs that night were Jesse and Rob and didn't hesitate to get involved and support their event. Normally, The Stig is found racing cars on a certain British television show, but on June 16th, 2012 he was focused on a different kind of wheels, the wheels of steel. You may know Richard Epcar as Batou from Ghost In The Shell, Ben Dixon and Lunk from Robotech, and as the voice of “The Joker”, but that night at elecTRONic Mayhem he took over a whole new identity, “TRON!”

The name came about as a tribute to TRON, and to the electric Mayhem band from “The Muppets.” Richard Epcar had professionally voiced 3.5 minutes of custom dialogue written specifically for elecTRONic Mayhem by Web Comic Writer/DJ Rob Lantz in collaboration with Jesse James Felice. This narration would open the show at 10:25P, Saturday night at AMA 2012. The audience was kept in pitch black for the full 3.5 minutes that Jesse James Felice mixed Richard's voice track with music from Tron Legacy, specifically timed to bring the finale of the opening in with a bang. Surrounded by powerful orchestrated music for the finale, all programs on the dance floor heard Richard Epcar exclaim “welcome to elecTRONic Mayhem!” The lights went black and everyone knew they were in for a wild ride. Cheering and clapping filled the room with approval as the rest of the show got underway for what would be called a “a grand happening, a musical feast for the soul.”

You can check out Richard Epcar's performance for elecTRONic Mayhem 2012 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87vBpflgxPc

This year at Anime Mid Atlantic 2013, elecTROnic Mayem's 2nd installment entitled “uprising” will be bigger and better than ever. The event kicks off June 15th, around 10:20P, inside the Chesapeake Conference in Virginia. There will be go-go girls and Poi Pod dancer Kris Jackson on stage. Richard Epcar is back reprising his role as TRON with an all new script, and The Stig will be returning as the guest DJ. After a sneak peak of last years show Robert V. Aldrich, Author and guest of AMA 2012, says it's radically different because it's an ebbing, flowing piece; it's a dialogue and an exploration that DJ and audience take together. It isn't flat and placid, nor is it bombarding and overwhelming. It's perfectly set so that the music becomes a modem for a larger, grander experience. Any fan of music, regardless of their preferred genres, owes it to themselves to check this out." And last, but certainly not least, the giant beach balls will be back too!

Below you'll find Richard Epcar's script for AMA's 2013 event “elecTRONic Mayhem: Uprising.”
(Found at AnimeMidAtlantic.com, under events in the dances category)

The steel shutter slams down with a crash and she rolls onto her stomach, carrying the momentum from her dive into a prone position. Panting, she tries to calm her ragged breaths, for fear that may be heard by the wrong ears. Once ...twice...she checks to each side, not daring to move lest she catch unwanted attention. After she can't hear the sounds of pursuit anymore, she waits even longer. She lifts her head up after what seems like an eternity spent pressing it to the cold dark floor. Slowly, cautiously, like a scared animal, she lifts herself up from the ground and slowly starts backing away. Turning away from her entrance point, she breaks into a run, but after about a dozen steps she reaches frantically for the identity disc on her back, checking to make sure it's still there.

'Thank the Users' she silently proclaims, glad to see it hasn't been lost. Her focus turns back to escape and she flees down the deserted corridor, putting as much distance between her and the site of so much carnage behind her as she can.

A few minutes ago she was reveling in the much needed music, sharing the primal need to move in the darkness with her fellow programs, safe, or so she thought.

At the height of their indulgence, the doors slammed open and dozens of red uniformed guards came charging in, indiscriminately wiping out everything in their path. The poor programs never knew what hit them, and those closest to the door still had looks of disbelief on their faces as they raised their hands in defense. The music stopped, the screams began, and she, like so many, fled for her life.

She stops to catch her breath as it comes in ragged gasps, the thought of all those programs being de-rezzed like that causing her to clamp her mouth shut as bile rises up and threatens to make her vomit. As she gets both her stomach and her breathing under control she hears a sound off behind her that makes her hold her breath again, her heart pounding in her ears while she listens.

'It's just my imagination...' she thinks as she hopes it is. But just then, she hears it again, and is no longer convinced that the sound is in her mind, but that of her pursuers. 'They've found me!' she thinks, convinced that they'll hear her it's so loud in her brain. She takes off again, this time even faster.

"There's one!" She hears behind her, and she grits her teeth and tries to force yet more speed out of her already exhausted legs. Her eyes shut tight for half a stride when a disc goes bouncing off the wall near her head leaving sparks in its wake.

As she rounds an angular turn , she can hear their charging in behind her, her strength leaving her fast. She trips on something on the seemingly smooth floor...

...and sprawls out flat, sliding down the corridor for another three meters or so. Ahead of her, her disc clatters to the floor, bouncing off her back and settling into a rounded arc, slowly spiraling down flat with the ground. Having no strength to lift herself, she merely raises her hand out towards the lost disc as a strange gloved hand comes out of seemingly nowhere and picks it up.

Glancing up at the figure leaning out of a doorway in the wall that she hadn't even noticed was there, she leans into her reach a bit more, desperately wanting her disc back. The Program holding it has dark eyes and stares intently at her for a moment, while another one with bright hair she hadn't seen steps out from behind him and reaches a hand out to help her up. She hesitates, but then realizes they look familiar.

"Quickly!" The second one urges "They're coming!"

"Wh...Who are you? You look..." she manages weakly.

The one holding her disc reaches out with his other hand and grabs her outstretched arm, while the second one grabs her other limb, and together they pull her into the doorway as the seal slams shut behind her rapidly, closing off the corridor as if it never existed. Through the wall she hears the sound of her pursuers going by, shouting to each other not to lose her.

"I...I know you..." She says while being held up by both of them. Looking at both their faces she furrows her brow in concentration.

"You should....we were just together. That's why we recognized you." Says the second Program.

Clasping her disc tight as he hands it back to her almost reverently, the dark haired one utters words that echo in her mind...."We are the music makers. And it is time for an Uprising."

For information regarding this event visit Http://animemidatlantic.com/dances.php or contact [email protected]

For information regarding Anime Mid Atlantic visit http://animemidatlantic.com/ or contact [email protected]

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