Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds and I Fight Dragons Team Up for Music Video

Chiptune Rock Band X Anime Side-Scrolling Beat'em-Up!

Tokyo, Japan – June 21, 2013 - Today, Mages, publisher of interactive software, announced that they have teamed-up with Nintendocore band, I Fight Dragons, for a music video mash-up featuring the song “Move”, from I Fight Dragon's recent album: DEMOlitions. The music video features custom sprites of the entire band and in-game footage from Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds on Xbox Live Arcade.

Watch the “Move” music video here:

“People will probably wonder what the impetus was for such a collaboration,” said Gail Salamanca, US PR Manager, Mages. “I'm actually a huge fan of the band and felt the need to somehow Voltron the awesomeness of I Fight Dragon's chiptune inspired rock sound and Phantom Breaker's 8-bit retro action into something that fans of the band and game could enjoy.”

"If I could have picked the ideal music video for "Move" it might have been something along the lines of 'Four badass anime heroines going on a beat-em-up rampage while pixelized versions of IFD to cheer them on,” said Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons “And much to my delight, the universe has willed such a video into existence through our collaboration with the excellent folks at Mages."

About Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is Mages first game to be released in North America on Xbox Live Arcade. A spin-off to the 2D fighting game "Phantom Breaker", "Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds" is a cooperative, side-scrolling beat'em up that hearkens back to the glory days of the 8-bit era, but using modern game development techniques. Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds has been highly regarded by both fans and critics for its fast-action and pick-up and play gameplay.

About I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons started in 2008, with a flux-capacitor-style falling-off-the-toilet-and-hitting-your-head eureka moment. Brian Mazzaferri and Bill Prokopow were working together for the first time, making a demo, when Brian had the idea to make part of the song they were working on sound like it was coming out of an old Nintendo. After some "research" (playing Mario 3 for a while), they dove in, and the result was the first I Fight Dragons song - "Heads Up, Hearts Down."

This was the beginning of a sonic journey that has taken the band through 4 years and over 50,000 miles, through 2 EPs and 1 album, signing to a major label, leaving a major label, 4 national tours, hundreds of shows, and more adventure than they could have possibly imagined sitting there in Bill's basement in 2008.
I Fight Dragons most recently launched their Kickstarter, “Project Atma” and absolutely shattered their funding goal. They are very well on their way to making their 2nd full length album and filling the airwaves with the sound of their new “Chiptune Rock Opera”.

About Mages
In a time of rapid technological development, MAGES strives to provide the appropriate contents to the appropriate audiences on the most suitable platforms. With a strong focus on visual novels, 5pb has developed and created several well-received IPs including the Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head in its native country of Japan.

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