Aniplex of America Set to Release Vividred Operation on DVD

Aniplex of America set to Release Vividred Operation in a Complete DVD Set

SANTA MONICA, CA (September 17, 2013) – Following their announcement of plans to release Oreshura on DVD, Aniplex of America Inc. also announced its release plans for the anime series Vividred Operation in North America. Produced by A-1 pictures, the same studio that produced the hit series Sword Art Online, Vividred Operation will be available in a Complete DVD Set. Set in the future where mysterious creatures threaten a time of peace, Vividred Operation follows a 14 year old girl named Akane Isshiki as Akane and her friends must fight a mysterious group of creatures equipped with powerful Palette Suits. This sci-fi adventure series is directed by Kazuhiro Takamura, the same director who also produced the popular anime series Strike Witches.

The Vividred Operation -Complete DVD Set- will feature the original Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as bonus contents. Just in time for the holiday season, the Complete DVD Set is scheduled for release on December 17th . The Vividred Operation -Complete DVD Set- will be available for pre-order through and Aniplex's official retailers ( starting Monday September 16. The -Complete DVD set- will include the entire series (12 episodes) on 3 DVD discs. The bonus features will include the textless opening and ending themes, a 5 postcard set featuring artwork from the series and special web previews. The packaging o-sleeve will feature the key visual art and a 2-sided reversible cover. Details including features and pricing are listed below.

Vividred Operation -Complete DVD Set- features:


  • 3 DVD Discs
  • Includes Episodes 1-12 (TRT: 300 min)
  • Video: 16:9, Widescreen
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Bonus Contents

  • Textless Opening and Ending
  • Special Web Previews
  • 5 Postcard Set
  • O-Sleeve with Key Visual Art
  • 2-sided Reversible Cover

Vividred Operation can be pre-ordered and purchased at:
Right Stuf:

Title: Vividred Operation -Complete DVD Set
Street Date: December 17th
SKU #: AOA-3501
UPC: 850527003462
SRP: $74.98
Store price: $59.98

For detailed information, please visit:

About Vividred Operation
On an artificial island, Akane Isshiki, an innocent 14-year-old girl, lives a simple but happy life with her level-headed little sister Momo and their genius inventor grandfather. On clear days just over the water, everyone on the island can see the revolutionary invention that solved all the world's energy problems, the Manifestation Engine. Thanks to the Manifestation Engine, the peaceful days that everyone had dreamed of had arrived. But suddenly, a mysterious enemy called the “Alone” appears out of nowhere aiming to attack the Manifestation Engine, jeopardizing their quiet way of life. Equipped with incredibly powerful Palette Suits designed by her grandfather, Akane and her friends must rise up together in this desperate situation. Their friendship is the only hope to save the world.

About Aniplex of America Inc.
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