MiKandi Japan and Sol Press to Bring New Japanese Visual Novel, Newton and the Apple Tree, to the West

Seattle, WA. - MiKandi Japan has partnered with Sol Press and Japanese game makers Laplacian to localize their new bishoujo visual novel, Newton and the Apple Tree, into English. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the project launches on December 1st and will run until January 3rd with Sol Press at the helm and Mikandi Japan on board as creative collaborators. While the campaign's minimum funding goal is $31,200 USD, there are many exciting reward tiers, special events, and stretch goals planned that could boost the campaign to reach as high as $100,000 USD.

Newton and the Apple Tree centers around protagonist, Syuji Asanaga, and his childhood pal Yotsuko Utakane. They are on a mission to find Syuji's grandfather who has mysteriously vanished. The two somehow end up hurtling through the fabric of time and ultimately crash land into a tree. "Standing" there before the mishap is a cute blonde girl with twintails. Believe it or not, this petite girl turns out to be the famed Sir Isaac Newton! Unfortunately, through Syuji's foolish conduct, the great scientific discoveries of the past have now been altered. The two must find a way to correct this and get back to their own time.

Newton is a hilarious but also slightly touching time travel adventure story that will appeal to visual novel newcomers and veterans alike. For more information, please visit SolPress.co/Newton

Newton and the Apple Tree Key Features

  • Free demo: 1-2 hours playtime
  • Full game: 15-30 hours playtime
  • Fully voiced in Japanese, English subtitles
  • Over 5 different endings
  • 5 voiced character videos
  • Japanese honorifics toggling system

A sampling of the Kickstarter rewards that backers can look forward to include multiple formats of the game, the soundtrack, and artbook. There will also be popular niche items like body pillow covers and hand drawn shikishi.

About Sol Press @SolPressUSA
Sol Press is a visual novel, light novel, and manga publisher that was founded in 2017 with the goals of listening to the community and building itself off of that information. Their previous campaign to bring Hiqo Soft's Sakura Sakura overseas was achieved in September. The localization is currently in progress.

About Laplacian @laplacian_info
Laplacian is a Japanese game studio specializing in bishoujo visual novels that focus on comedy, romance, and adventure. Newton is their second title and this campaign marks their debut on Kickstarter.

About MiKandi Japan @MiKandiJapan
MiKandi Japan is a Japanese to English game and manga publisher. They are best known for successfully funding the localization of XERO's bishoujo visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess on Kickstarter in 2016. The game plus its two mini-episodes are currently available on Steam.

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