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AnimeLog, the YouTube Anime Channel that Features Works from Multiple Japanese Anime Rights Holders, Began Overseas Distribution Today

100 titles to be distributed overseas within a year.

Overseas distribution will begin on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Anime Log URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnDtu g18tDA4miToMOjXQ

It is the first officially licensed by cross rights holders channel on YouTube to distribute Japanese anime content overseas! AnimeLog was launched on August 7, 2020, and the su bscribes has achieved to 290,000. AnimeLog is Japan's first official anime channel on YouTube that available for global users officially licensed by the cross rights holders of TV anime content.

Until now the channel has been only available in Japan and cannot be viewed outside of Japan, however, more than half of the 290,000 registered users are from overseas who are expecting official anime contents from Japan directly We believe that the number of registered users from overseas is a sign of expectation for overseas distribution, and we have negotiated with the rights holders to distribute our anime content overseas.

Japan's Japan's first global streaming of full episodes of anime content, including "catch up titles", on YouTube! "Catch up title" means digital distribution right after the TV broadcast in Japan, and we will be distributing " Ahare Meisaku kun" first which is currently being broadcast on NHK.

What we want to achieve with AnimeLog AnimeLog aims to achieve the following three goals by strengthening overseas animation distribution on YouTube.

1) Eliminate illegal videos and promote the distribution of licensed content Distribution of illegal videos is still rampant on video distribution platforms such as YouTube, but we believe that in additi on to cracking down on illegal videos, it is necessary to distribute officially licensed videos. We at AnimeLog will distribute officially licensed anime globally and distribute the revenue from distribution to the rights holders, thereby increasing the number of officially licensed anime titles and contributing to the eradication of illegal videos.

(2) Increase the number of Japanese anime fans overseas Unlike subscription services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, AnimeLog is based on YouTube and allows overseas users to easily watch anime, contributing to the expansion of anime light users. AnimeLog will also contribute to the promotion of individual anime titles and increase the number of fans by distributing them to regions and countries that have not had the opportunity to broadcast or distribute them. (AnimeLog has already gained a lot of registered users from overseas, so we believe it has the potential to attract foreign anime users.

(3) Building a global platform for anime distribution directly from Japan Overseas Japanese anime distribution platforms are run by foreign companies such as GAFA, but we believe it is important for the Japanese industry to have a platform that can be controlled by domestic players who are close to Japanese anime rights holders. Since AnimeLog is managed by AnalyzeLog, a company founded by several Japanese anime rights holder, the influence of this channel will be beneficial to the Japanese industry. In the future, we aim to utilize the channel's media power to provide o verseas more catch up titles of new anime series

A number of attractive international releases The 6 titles that have became available for overseas distribution this time , including A hare Meisaku kun" "Masterpiece Kun", "Hello Anne", "Hungry Heart", "Fantastic Children", "The World of GOLDEN EGGS" and "Jungle Emperor (1989)"

"Ahare Meisaku kun" is a comedy anime that is still being broadcast on NHK's "Bit World", and is a comedy anime where the exquisite dialogue is very entertaining.

“Hello, Anne" is one of the best known works from Nippon Animation's "World Famous Works Theater" and can be enjoyed by parents and children. It was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the novel "Anne of Green Gables" and the 30th anniversary of the animation "Anne of Green Gables".

The original of "Hungry Heart" is based on the classic soccer manga "Captain Tsubasa" by Takahashi Yoichi. It is a passionate story about a boy who loves soccer and aims to be No. 1 with his friends in the soccer club, despite the twists and turns of his older brother, a genius player, and conflicts due to his dangerous personality.

Fantastic Children" is a story about a fictional world, where the connections between people who meet across time and space and the inevitability of those connections seem to unravel the mysteries of the epic story, and it is a fascinating work of storytelling that draws you in very quickly.

The World of GOLDEN EGGS " became a hot topic as soon as it was broadcasted in 2005 and was used in various collaboration products and commercials. The unique and surrealistic worldview of the anime and the atmosphere created by the attractive characters captivated young people.

"Jungle Emperor (1989) 1989)", one of the masterpieces of Osamu Tezuka, the god of manga, will be delivered. It dynamically portrays a white lion, "Leo", growing up in the vast land of Africa.

We are pleased to announce that we will be distributing t he above mentioned appealing titles at this distribution timing. The goal is to distribute more than 100 titles within the next year. Please look forward to more titles from "AnimeLog" to be distributed overseas in the future.

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