Mediado Inc, Releases the VR App 'XR Manga Fist of the North Star' Where You Can Read the Entire Story in VR

Limited to the first 3,600 people to receive the NFT card! Experience the "end of the century" in ultra high-definition, with a variety of mini-games.

MEIDADO Inc, announced the release of "XR Manga Fist of the North Star", an application compatible with Meta (Oculus) Quest / Quest2 that can read all 18 volumes of the comic "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition" (Core Mix, original work: Buronson, manga: Tetsuo Hara) in VR space on December 22, 2021.

The main feature of the app is that you can enjoy the world of the "end of the century" with an immersive VR experience, as the space changes as the story goes, along with visual effects and background music.

Furthermore, since the original data of "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition” is used before printing, you can read it in the highest quality data. This is a world first for an e-book.

XR MANGA Fist of the North Star

Official Site

Volume 1-6 : $29,99 (Including 2 VR figures(Kenshirou & Yuria)) Volume 7-18 : $129.99円 (Including 2 VR figures(Kenshirou & Yuria)) Volume 1-18 : $144.99 (Including 2 VR figures(Kenshirou & Yuria))

Meta(Oculus) Quest, Quest 2(as of Dec 22, 2021)

VR figure function and mini-games included

Digital VR figures of Kenshiro and Yuria, the main characters of “Fist of the North Star”, are included in the app. You can switch backgrounds, freely adjust poses and sizes, and add dialogue with speech balloons. You can also take pictures using the camera mode and share them on Twitter from within the app. You can recreate your favorite scenes or create your own original 4-panel comics, the possibilities are endless.

The app also features a hand tracking function that supports gesture operation for comfortable book reading, and the adrenaline-pumping mini-game "I am Kenshiro”. Try out the exhilarating experience of unleashing the “Hokuto Hyakuretsui Ken” like Kenshiro.
Limited to the first 3,600 people in order of purchase, and includes an NFT fan item card!
The first 3,600 purchasers of "XR Manga Hokuto no Ken" will receive one NFT fan item card (6 types in total) to be enjoyed on the NFT marketplace "FanTop" provided by MEDIADO Inc,.

About the future of XR Manga

XR Manga “Fist of the North Star" reproduces the high-definition data of the comic book directly in the VR space, making it ideal for entering the powerful world of the original work and enjoying every detail.

The "XR Manga" series will continue to take on the challenge of providing new experiences in the expanding metaverse market, such as collection rooms where digital figures can be displayed and viewed, social functions, and new titles.

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