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Announcing a Unique Collaboration Between 'Vspo!' and the Kanda Myoujin Summer Festival

Tokyo, Japan. August 1st 2022 – Brave group, a pioneer in virtual IP, announced a ground-breaking collaboration with the virtual esports collective Vspo! and the Kanda Myoujin Summer Festival, a traditional Japanese festival in Tokyo. It not only marks the festival's first collaboration with VTubers, but Vspo!'s first ever foray into the offline world!

Event Time:
August 11: 3:00PM - 9:00PM (JST)
August 12-14: 11:00AM - 9:00AM (JST)
Location: Kanda Myoujin Shrine

Vspo! enthusiasts will be able to play exciting festival games and eat a number of traditional Japanese matsuri foods, served up by their favorite members of the Vspo! organization, via monitors set up around the shrine. Enjoy target practice and fresh yakisoba, among many other festival staples, which will provide a unique cultural experience marrying Japan's past and the future of entertainment.

A variety of limited edition Vspo! x Kanda Myoujin Summer Festival goods will be available for purchase on site, including Japanese happi, traditional Japanese loose jackets often worn at festivals, and tapestries. If customers spend over 5,000 yen on Vspo! merchandise at the festival, they will receive a special gift on top of their purchases. Some products may be sold online after the event, but not all will be guaranteed.

Please see the map below for details on each stall and which Vspo! character is staffing each station!

Attendees will receive an individual trading can badge, in addition to sanitary wipes, with purchase at each of the individual stalls totaling at 15 unique badges to collect!


The festival crowd will also have several opportunities to catch the captivating virtual idol group Palette Project perform for free at the Kanda Myoujin Hall, right next to the shrine!

Performance Times:
August 13: 1:00PM-5:00PM (JST)
August 14: 1:00PM-5:00PM (JST)


About The “Kanda Myoujin Summer Festival”:
A festival held at The Kanda Myoujin Shrine in Tokyo's Chiyoda district since 2016. Not only does this one of a kind Japanese matsuri provide staples like food stalls and traditional bon dancing, they also collaborate with famous characters and utilizes beloved anime songs! You can even enjoy “Ani-song Bon Dancing,” a fusion of old and new. This year sees famed Japanese dancer Ukon Kofuji return to the festival to top his 2019 performance. For people of all ages, brave the heat and come down to Kanda!

About Vspo!:
A next generation virtual character IP meets esports project with a fanbase of millions, Vspo! brings together those who take gaming seriously to spread the glory of esports across the world. Utilizing an innovative mixed media approach, Vspo! participates in a variety of real esports tournaments in addition to production of VTubing content.

Official Site:https://vspo.jp/

About Palette Project:
Palette Project is a virtual idol group guided by the idea of “Adding color to the virtual to give it more life!“ established in 2018. The group's sub-units include the classically-idol “Altimate!!,” the heavy metal incarnates at “REGALILIA,” and the city pop flavored “Sputrip.” They perform as a group and as individual units.

Official Site:https://matereal.jp/

About Virutal entertainment:
Virtual entertainment has been producing Virtual IP and contributing to esports since their establishment in 2018. Operating on the philosophy of “Move Emotion with Games,” Virtual entertainment has strived to do just that with their virtual content and contributions to esports, such as participating and hosting in tournaments, since their inception. Vspo!, the virtual-esports project and the biggest under their wing, has grown a fanbase of over 4 million followers worldwide!

Official Site:https://virtual-entertainment.co.jp/

About Brave group:
Established in 2017, Brave group is a Metaverse Company and Virtual IP developer spearheading several different projects, IPs, and businesses. Our various IPs currently enjoy over 7 million fans worldwide. Some of the most popular include Vspo!, which combines highly engaging virtual IP production and professional class esports competition, and RIOT MUSIC, a music-centric virtual IP project, which connects with fans through the power of sound and characters. Bringing together great creative minds, spirited talent, and an understanding of the modern technical landscape, Brave group continues to create and innovate virtual content each day.

Official Site:https://bravegroup.co.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bravegroup_vt

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