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Monster Musume

GN 6

Monster Musume GN 6
Poor Kimihito already has more than his fair share of monster girl problems, so the last thing he needs is a drama-prone dullahan in his of course that's what he's about to get. He's already found her headless body, so he and the girls set out to find her head as discreetly as possible, which naturally isn't very. No sooner does that get resolved than Rachnea's previous host family decides that they want her back, which might help Kimihito's budget woes...if they seemed like they would be good hosts for the arachnid maiden...

If there's one thing that OKAYADO's Monster Musume is, it's unashamed. There are bare breasts (and nipples) in proliferation, orgasms induced by a variety of thoughts and things, and a broad spectrum of female figures. If you're looking for fanservice that doesn't hold back but also isn't quite hentai, you really ought to be reading this series. As an added bonus, despite a little stuttering in volume five, the series has also maintained a decent harem romance plot with good world building.

Volume six continues the trend of Kimihito acquiring yet another monster girl exchange student in his increasingly crowded home, although this one doesn't move in immediately. Readers doubtless remember that he came upon a headless girl while out and about, and since neither he nor she could locate her head, he decides to bring her home to keep at least her body safe while he goes head hunting. Those familiar with DRRR!! may have already made the connection that this new monster is likely a dullahan, a grim reaper from Irish mythology, and Lala (as she is named) certainly lives up to the myth. She's an interesting addition to Kimihito's harem because she is not immediately in love with him, but rather comes predicting his imminent demise. This goes over about as well as you might expect, and each of the girls tries to save their darling from harm, quickly leading him to realize that if his life is in any danger, it's from them. OKAYADO uses this to good comedy effect, particularly with Mero's attempt to keep her love safe via drowning; she really gives new meaning to the idea that kids copying what they see or read can be dangerous.

This book basically has three plots contained in its four chapters, with Lala taking the most pages. The other two concern trying to feed so many people on a budget and the return of Rachnea's previous host family, who want to take her back. Rachnea's reaction is the highlight of this last chapter, as she is much more reserved than any of the other girls would have been, giving the impression that she might also be slightly more mature. (If we ignore that tying-up-the-dullahan bit from the earlier chapters, that is.) Kimihito also maintains a cool that is impressive under the circumstances. He really seems to be trying to make the best out of his situation, and much as the girls drive him crazy, he really does enjoy having them around, as they provide a family atmosphere that he would not otherwise have. While he isn't the most developed of heroes, he's also a slight step above the bland harem protagonist, although Rachnea spells out why the girls all like him in case you haven't figured it out yet.

OKAYADO's art is generally pleasing to look at, and he has stopped using shading on the breasts for emphasis, which definitely is an improvement. Some of the best details of the artwork are in the background, so do pay attention to what people are doing when they're not in the spotlight. There are some issues with how a few of the bodies are put together, particularly the daughter of Rachnea's former family.

The high fanservice content may not work for all readers of course, and some of the scenes do tread close to the line of what is acceptable, as there is a lot of girl-on-girl nonconsensual action, although nothing penetrative. It's clear that none of the characters are meant to be traumatized, which may help some readers.

Monster Musume is a fun, sexy harem story that not only holds little back but also takes the time to explain the intricacies of each monster girl's species. This volume is back to moving more quickly and manages to give each girl her own moment, so your favorite is certain to have her time to shine. The over-the-top fanservice might not work for everyone, but if you're in the mood for a raunchy comedy that still has a brain, look no further than this.

Overall : B
Story : B
Art : B+

+ Holds nothing (or at least very little) back, takes time to build the world as well as the story. Great background details in the art, each girl has a different figure.
May be a little too much for some readers, some non-consensual stuff. Smith can get annoying.

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