Sound Decision
Vampire Princess Miyu

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: Vampire Princess Miyu Original Soundtrack
Artist: Kenji Kawai
Label: Tokyopop

Release Date: 2001-07-31
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


The sounds of Miyu's dark world are presented here in all their haunting beauty. The perfect companion to the Vampire Princess Miyu anime, currently in release from TOKYOPOP, the Vampire Princess Miyu Offical Soundtrack explores traditional and contemporary Japanese folk music. Kenji Kawai, the composer of the music for Ghost in the Shell, establishes dark moods that reflect Miyu's perpetual twilight among the human, demon, and vampire worlds. 34 tracks - approx 73 mins of music.

Track list:

1. Heart Beat of Shinma
2. Subtitle
3. Karma
4. Chase of the Devil
5. "FUE" (Melody of the Dark)
6. Escape
7. In Peace
8. My Friends
9. I wanna meet you
10. Ice Dust
11. The Promise
12. Melody of Sorrow
13. Sepia Color Memories
14. Mystical Power
15. Rush Act
16. Ripples
17. The Death Crystal
18. Resolution
19. Shadow of Evil
20. The Battle of "SHINMA"
21. Finish
22. For the Love Feeling...
24. Sadness of Lost Love
25. The Flower Field
26. Tragedy of Female Fighter
27. Waltz of a Puppeteer
28. The Wind of Killer
29. Tenderness
30. Distress
31. Flying Assassin
32. Decisive Battle
33. Destiny
34. Miyu Forever ("MIYU YACHIYO")

Total time:

(Added on 2003-10-17)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of October 19, 2003.

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