Reviewing our Simulcasts

ANN's policy is that our management never interferes with our editors, and that our editors never interfere with our critics opinions. In the case of shows that ANN simulcasts, if our reviewers are to review the series, they will be allowed to do so completely uncensored. That is our policy, and our commitment to our readers. Despite our policy, we are aware that many readers may not have the utmost faith in such reviews. Readers may have doubts if an ANN reviewer writes a positively glowing review of a show simulcasting on ANN.
Given this challenge, do you feel that ANN reviewers should review shows that are simulcast on ANN?
Yes 894 out of 1095 (81.6%)
No 184 out of 1095 (16.8%)
(no answer) 17 out of 1095 (1.6%)
If we published reviews of our own shows, would you be inclined to accept them at face value, or would you question the authenticity of the opinions espoused in the review ?
I trust ANN's reviewers to be 100% honest! 649 out of 1095 (59.3%)
I generally trust ANN's reviewers, but I'm not so certain about this... 305 out of 1095 (27.9%)
I wouldn't trust ANN reviews of ANN simulcasts. 132 out of 1095 (12.1%)
(no answer) 9 out of 1095 (0.8%)