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7 "Unholy" Priests

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Christian symbolism is a common go-to to add "mystic" flavor in anime, similar to how Hollywood draws from Pagan themes. Catholicism and the Vatican are especially popular and often blended with magic, demons, possession, vampires. This week's list takes a look at seven priests with less than holy personalities.

7. Frau (07-Ghost) Frau is part pervy priest, part scythe-wielding skeleton. As Zehel, one of the "Seven Ghosts," Frau wields a scythe, can sense "unholy beings," and withstand things an ordinary human cannot since his body is, essentially, dead.

6. Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun) "Nicholas the Punisher," wanders the desert with a large cross on his back, only his burden is a giant firearm. His morals are ambiguous at first and he strongly believes that murder is inevitable to carry out his goals. This changes over the course of the series but his past catches up with Wolfwood and ultimately, does him in.

5. Cross Marian (D.Gray-man) Cross has many vices including but not limited to debauchery, drunkenness, and gambling. The latter two contribute to what must be huge, outstanding debts as the man can never actually deliver when he loses. On the work side of things, Cross has the power control Akuma to his will, which are mechanical-like weapons made from the souls of the dead that also gruesomely kill humans.

4. Rip-Off Church (Black Lagoon) The entire church and clergymembers are really just a front for smuggling in firearms and drugs into Roanapur. The place is run by Yolanda, a seemingly elder nun that wields a gold-plated Desert Eagle. The church works with the Triad mafia and sometimes the Lagoon Company, and has seen its fair share of fire-fights.

3. Garterbelt (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) Garter tries his best to supervise Anarchy sisters Panty and Stocking but he has is own less-than-savory alternate persona. As "Master G," Garter participates in BDSM and runs a gambling racket in a few episodes. His enormous afro hides ammo for his shotgun, a leftover from his time as notorious gangster. After being gunned down, he is given a mission in Heaven and refuses, instead accepting the curse of immortality.

2. Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood) The goofy, mild-mannered Abel works for the Vatican as part of a repentance for the millions of lives he took as the "God of Destruction." Abel's vampire-like "Crusnik" powers haven't left him despite his new mission as a priest, but he keeps them under wraps for the sake of humanity. His transformation includes vampire physical attributes (claws, long teeth, etc.), a blood-scythe, black wings, the ability to control electricity, and crazy levels of regeneration.

1. Alexander Anderson (Hellsing) Alexander is Iscariot's terrifying trump card and regular adversary to Alucard. He considers himself a devout Catholic and will drop Bible quotes into his speech whenever possible. The only thing he feels more strongly about than his God is his hatred towards Protestants and Alucard. He's made clear more than once that his vendetta against Protestants is deadly. He later abandons what humanity he may have had to become a "Monster of God."

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When she isn't compiling lists of tropes, topics, and characters, Lynzee works as Associate Editor for Anime News Network, blogs about women and LBGT topics in anime and manga on her blog Engendered Dilemma, and posts pictures of her son on Twitter @ANN_Lynzee.

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