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Anime Spotlight - AQUARION LOGOS

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins July 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Original Creator: Shoji Kawamori
(Aquarion, Basquash!, Macross Frontier)
Director: Hidekazu Sato
(Nobunaga The Fool, Slayers Next, Fortune Quest L)
Character Design: Takashi Mamezuka
(Outbreak Company, Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!)


Through "combination", the most basic of gimmicks in robot anime, the concept of the "Aquarion" series has been humans and the pursuit of their relationships. The memorable 10th anniversary of the series creation brings to this world the third series, "Aquarion Logos", where the theme to be discussed is "text".

With the popularization of social networking services, the current generation has seen an increase in meaningless text. In Logos World, the world of literature, an emergency situation surfaces in such a magnitude that it even affects the real world. Akira Kaibuki and the members of the Creative Voice Club unravel the meanings put into the text as they face the crisis befalling the world. What is the new power that is born when Aquarion and text meet each other? The combination entering the 10th year cuts through a new era!.


There once was a time when human voice had brought to life the truths of all things. However, a certain invention drastically changed human history. "Text" Being an exceptional method of relaying information, it immediately became widespread, but it also created "Logos World" in between voice and truth.

Several millenniums later-- The advances in civilization has made Logos World enormous, and caused text to run out of control. Those that could counter that were those with "Creative Voice Power" - the young members of the Creative Voice Club that could draw out the power of truth.

"Akira Kaibuki" was a boy living in Asagaya that encountered text running out of control, and acing the chaos spreading into the real world, he utters the voice of destiny. That being, "Scream, Creative Voice Combination"... When "Aquarion", the one and only existence that can quell Logos World, is born, the curtain rises on a new page in the myths circling around text.


Akira Kaibuki
VA:Nobunaga Shimazaki

Vector boarded: Vector 01

A Boy who is a self-proclaimed messiah. In order to save the world, he will plunge in without hesitation no matter how dangerous it is. Reticent so he is often misunderstood, but is very passionate and cannot gloss over someone in a crisis. He was born into a family of calligraphers, so he has great handwriting and extensive knowledge of kanji.

Maia Tsukigane
VA: Ayane Sakura

Vector boarded: Vector 02

A girl who works specialized missions in NESTA. Performs all sorts of operations calmly. Though at first glance she looks like the type that can do anything, she actually is quite questionable for very standard things. Subete is her childhood friend and she acknowledges him as a "worthless little brother" and does not see him at all as a romantic interest.

Kokone Kikogami
VA:Haruka Chisuga

Vector boarded: Vector 03

The daughter of an honorable shrine in Asagaya. Kind-hearted, and so shy that she cannot hold a decent conversation with someone else, but her singing talent is top tier. However, her aspiration is that of an actress, and secretly hides her desires to fulfill the dream deep in her heart. She is somewhat of an idol within the Creative Voice Club, and has a core fan base supporting her.

Hayato Kujyo
VA:Yuichiro Umehara

Vector boarded: Vector 05

A college student aspiring to be a politician. Always has a logical personality that puts emphasis on logic, and is quite verbose. However, he gets nervous in places where many people gather and cannot make a speech that he can be satisfied with. Because of his logical nature, he cannot ever come to terms with Akira who jumps over all sorts of processes to take action.

Tsutomu Domon
VA:Takayuki Asai
Vector boarded: Vector 04

A bright, loquacious boy aspiring to become a comedian. Hates it when people are down, and is the mood-maker within the Creative Voice Club. He chose a different path than his older brother who was a prodigy for the rakugo (traditional Japanese comedy) world, and performs mainly on internet video websites. Not trapped by formalities or tradition, he always seeks "a new type of comedy".

Karan Uminagi
VA:Ari Ozawa
Vector boarded: Vector 06

A budding child star. She plays the role of a cute girl when the camera is rolling, but is actually quite sharp-tongued. With the backings of a passionate stage mother, she already has appeared on TV shows and commercials even though it was a small role. She herself is reluctant to being an idol, and has a dream that she cannot tell her mother about.

Subete Kenzaki
VA:Yūto Adachi
Vector boarded: Vector 00

Excels in both academics and physical capabilities, but is somehow a failure of a guy. He thinks he is special, doesn't choose what methods to take to fulfill his objective, and doesn't care if civilians are sacrificed in the process. Harbors affection for Maia that is close to infatuation and approaches her at any given opportunity, but always is brushed aside in a cold-hearted manner.


Akira Kaibuki
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Maia Tsukigane
Ayane Sakura
Kokone Kikogami
Haruka Chisuga
Hayato Kujyo
Yuichiro Umehara
Tsutomu Domon
Takayuki Asai
Karan Uminagi
Ari Ozawa
Subete Kenzaki
Yūto Adachi
Sakurako Soda
Ryoko Shiraishi
Shoko Iwagami
Saima Nakano
Sougon Kenzaki
Jouji Nakata


Original story
Shoji Kawamori, Satelight
Logos Concept
Shoji Kawamori
Hidekazu Sato
Assistant Director
Daisuke Tsukushi
Series Composition
Jun Kumagai
Jun Kumagai
Yuniko Ayana
Mariko Mochizuki
Literature Setting
Hiroyuki Kawai
Character Design/Chief Animation Director
Takashi Mamezuka
Sub-character & Prop Design/Chief Animation Director
Ayana Nishino (C2C)
Costume Design Assistance
Risa Ebata
Main Animators
Ikuo Yamakado
Atsushi Satō
Kazuya Takahashi
Takeshi Oda (C2C)
Yumi Shimojō (C2C)
Aquarion Design
Stanislas Brunet
Mechanical Design
Sachio Ikeda
M.J.B.K. Design
Shinichi Miyazaki
Mecha Prop Design
Takeshi Takakura
CG Producer
Takashi Aotani
CG Director
Hiroyuki Goto
Monitor Graphics
Hirotsugu Ishikawa
Art Settings
Tomoyasu Fujise (HED WORKS)
Art Director
Shigeru Morimoto (ATELIER ROKU 07)
Calligraphy Text Design
Seijo Sakurai
Color Coordinator
Masato Takagi
Sakiko Teguramori (TripleA)
Filming Director
Jun Kubota
Ryoko Kaneshige
Music Production
Sound Director
Yoji Shimizu
Sound Production
Tôhoku Shinsha
Animation Production
Produced by
Opening Theme
May'n "Yamaidare darlin'"
(lyrics: Gabriela Robin, composition/arrangement: Yoko Kanno)
Ending Theme
Haruka Chisuga " Je Je t'aime Communication "
(lyrics/composition/arrangement: Ryūjin Kiyoshi)

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