Anime Spotlight - Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

by ANN Staff,

On air starting April 8, 2017

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Key Staff

Director: Keiichi Sato
(Tiger & Bunny, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary)
Character Design: Naoyuki Onda
(Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I, II, III (movie))



Welcome back to Mistarcia—the mystical world where humans, gods, and demons exist side by side.

A decade has passed since Bahamut nearly destroyed the world. A new human king has assaulted the temples of the gods and conquered the lands of the demons.

Demons have been enslaved to reconstruct the city, and the gods have grown weak as faith wanes.

Once on brink of collapse, the royal capital now brings prosperity to humans.

Humans, gods, and demons will clash in this world robbed of balance.


Nina Drango
Voice: Sumire Morohoshi

"Now for another hard day's work!"

She is a bounty hunter who's come to the big city to make a living. The citizens of the capital love her happy-go-lucky personality.

Charioce XVII
Voice: Yuuichirou Umehara

"Kill all who dare oppose me."

He is a calculating king who is willing to resort to any measure as long as it fits his goal. Fearing neither god nor demon, he wields forbidden power stolen from the gods themselves.

Favaro Leone
Voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino

"There's not a woman I don't know!"

He ekes out a living as a bounty hunter. Although he was knighted for his part in sealing away Bahamut, he has cast off his title and set off for a meandering journey.

Kaisar Lidfard
Voice: Go Inoue

"There's no point in dying here and now!"

Once the disgrace of a long lineage of knights, he recovered his noble title and his honor by helping to seal away Bahamut a decade ago. He now serves King Charioce as knight captain. Kaisar is honest to a fault and serious as well.

Voice: Masakazu Morita

"Even death won't stop me."

After defying the gods, he has become a fallen angel. He loathes humans for oppressing his demonic brethren.

Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro

"I'm Rita. Doctor Rita."

She is a zombie necromancer who looks like a child but has lived more than 200 years. She works in the capital as a shadowy doctor, accepting any patient whether divine or demonic.

Voice: Hiroshi Iwasaki

"What do you mean exiled! I left on my own, idiot!"

He is a god who loves to drink. He was exiled from the land of the gods and now supports himself through managing bounty hunters.

Voice: Showtaro Morikubo

"I'm no mere duck. I'm a god."

He is no mere duck, but a divine being who travels with Bacchus. Even though he comanages the bounty hunters, they all think of him as Bacchus's pet.

Jeanne D'arc
Voice: Megumi Han

"God is my protector!"

Though a divine revelation, she was chosen as the saint who would lead the gods against the demons. She was the commander of the Orleans Knights stationed in the capital.

Voice: ???

He is a lost child that accompanies Azazel and helps out at the demon funeral home.

Voice: Maaya Sakamoto

"Inform me when you've found the child!"

She is an angel in service to Gabriel and a candidate to become one of the four archangels. Disguising herself as human, she has come to the capital on assignment.

Dias Bardolomew
Voice: Yasuhiro Mamiya

"Fire! We'll save the king and captain!"

He provides aid to Kaisar as an adjutant of the Orleans Knights. A very caring person, he's always worrying about his subordinate Alessand.

Alessand Visponti
Voice: Kensho Ono

"Captain, why don't you implore his Highness for another opportunity!"

He is a young knight who used his noble birth to secure a place in the Orleans Knights. However that same order, having lost its fomer glory, is now the cause of his frustration.


Nina Drango
Sumire Morohoshi
Charioce XVII
Yuuichirou Umehara
Favaro Leone
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Kaisar Lidard
Go Inoue
Masakazu Morita
Miyuki Sawashiro
Hiroshi Iwasaki
Showtaro Morikubo
Jeanne D'Arc
Megumi Han
Maaya Sakamoto
Dias Bardolomew
Yasuhiro Mamiya
Alessand Visponti
Kensho Ono


Original Concept
Keiichi Sato
Shizuka Oishi
Character Design Director
Naoyuki Onda
Art Director
Hideki Nakamura
Yoshihiro Ike
Director of Photography
Yusuke Tannawa
Visual Effects Supervisor
Maki Morikawa
Effect Animation
Takashi Hashimoto
Color Design
Osamu Mikasa
CG Director
Takayuki Ito
Kiyoshi Hiroshi
Sound Editor
Masatoshi Katsumata

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