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Johnston Waxes

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 008 - Johnston Waxes

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I'm vastly too busy with the preview guide to give you extended show notes this week, but here's a quick breakdown: Justin and I chat about NYAF, Saiunkoku and the Evangelion theatrical release before former Newtype USA Executive Editor Chris "CJ" Johnston shows up and will probably blow your mind a little bit with some of the stories he has to tell about his time there, and his opinion of ADV's past practices.

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NSFW Language Warning: Not much cussin' this time but there's a little so yeah.

ANNCast Episode 008 Breakdown

00:16 Host intros

00:30 Justin goes to NYAF

3:23 The Preview Guide rears its head

4:45 Kadokawa USA shuts down

8:27 Zac's been watching Saiunkoku

11:40 Evangelion's limited theatrical release

15:01 Break!

15:13 Chris Johnston introduction

16:12 Some benign tales of working at Newtype USA

20:39 Why CJ left the magazine

21:37 Why Newtype went down in flames

23:12 Newtype USA vs. Otaku USA

27:37 Working in games vs. working in anime

29:02 CJ's got some criticisms for ADV's stalling

34:21 He also saw the ADV dubs for Sgt. Frog. Yes, dubs.

38:53 Twitter questions: whether or not online anime journalism can pay for the sort of talent print used to pay for, the divide between fans who want digital vs. physical media, why so many anime writers are jaded videogame journalists, shocking viewers in 2009, if a show being on Crunchyroll means it won't see a DVD release, and the worst anime-based games ever.

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