Got 'dem Cutey Honey Blues..

Answerman: Got 'dem Cutey Honey Blues..

You know, doing this column twice a week makes me stop and reconsider the introductory paragraph. It's really hard to come up with different ways to say “Here's a bunch more questions. Enjoy.” But then I realize that I'd be depriving you of my *cough* brilliant *cough* editorial comments, so I think I'll leave it in. Regardless, here are today's questions:

Dear Answerman,
I was wondering if there were how many Birdy the Mighty VHS there are. I found the first and second tapes for sale at TRSI inc. But since that only makes four episodes and an average anime like that is 13 or 26 episodes I assume there are more tapes out there.

I've had this question a few times before. There are only 4 episodes for Birdy the Mighty. It was a short OVA series. I'm not sure it became all that popular, either, since as far as I know, there isn't any more anime.

Answerman do you know anything about an slam dunk anime sequel!

Well, there's no specific anime sequel in the works, but the manga sequel is currently in production. The anime series ran a very long time, and although I'd venture to say that a sequel anime isn't highly possible, it isn't completely impossible, either.

To the Answerman, I was wondering if you knew what is taking ADV so long to announce the release date for the last Generator Gawl DVD Out of Time, its been all most 3 months since the last one was released, and ADV is usually good about releasing the titles of continuing series within a few months recently.

According to several release date web sites, it's due out next month. The last one came out back in March - 3 months seems like a fairly reasonable wait for the next volume of an untested series. They pump out Evangelion and Nadesico because they know the title will sell - with something like Generator Gawl, they're testing the waters first to make sure the next volume will sell, and how many they need to make.

Hey Answerman! You got a great column, and since you are so wise in the ways of anime I thought I'd ask you this: Where does the Kenshin motion picture fit into the story? I have ADV's OAV releases and currently am on the 4th volume of Media Blaster's television release. I want to get the motion picture but don't want to get it too soon if I have not yet gone far enough through the television series. Thanks for the help.

Honestly, as soon as Kenshin meets Saitoh, you could watch the movie. I believe the movie was released to theaters around the time the Kyoto Arc was finishing up, or at least after it finished. If you know who Saitoh Hajime is and know his relationship with Kenshin, you should be just fine.

On the Evangelion movie, Death of Evangelion; maybe a stupid question, but since I was watching a fansub and the overall quality of the image was pretty bad....mmm, at the very beginning, was Shinji doing what I think he was doing when he visited Asuka in the hospital. In other words, was he, ya know, or was it my imagination. Looked like it at least.

Assasin Zero

Yes, Shinji was masturbating in front of Askua's unconscious body. That crazy Anno - what will he think of next?

Hi AnswerMan,

I just saw a fansubbed copy of the new Devil Man OVA not too long ago. I was wondering if this was the beginning/pilot for a new Devil Man series, or was it intended to be one single OVA?

Actually, it was a movie. As far as I know, it's a standalone film, meant to be a single story.

1) I hear that there are four more episodes to the New Cutey Honey OAV Series, somewhere in Japan. I have seen the first eight episodes of the OVA's and it leaves off without a clear ending?? ADV acquired the first Eight , but never released the last four.. Do they exist??
2) Any Chance of The Cutey Honey Flash TV series making it over to American Shores,

3) I hear that there might be a new Sailor Moon manga and TV series in the works.. Is there truth to this Rumor??

Tom D.

There are only 8 episodes to the New Cutey Honey OAV series. Nobody's licensed Cutey Honey Flash yet, and yes, the new Salior Moon manga and anime series are still just a rumor at this point.

Do you know if they ever fiXed the problem of Escaflowné DVD's Vol. 5 & 6 not playing on a PlayStation 2? My PS2 is the only DVD player I own, and I already have Vol. 1-4, so missing out on the rest of the series is a huge letdown for me and I don't want to try my luck finding out they don't play.

~Raistlin X

Actually, as far as I know, those Escaflowne DVDs are hit and miss. Mine, for example, seem to work fine on my PlayStation 2. I know of others, though, that have had trouble getting them to work properly. Buy them from a store with a liberal return policy and try your luck, I suppose.

Hey, Answerman, I (obivously) have a question. I've noticed a couple of Japanese voice actors among some of my favorite series sound *really* similar. Do you think you can direct me to some kind of guide that lists voice actors and what they've been in? Please? If you do, there's a nice, shiny nickel in it for you...


Surprisingly enough, the Internet Movie Database lists off some Japanese voice actors and what work they've done. Usually only actors that have been in popular anime series, though, so you may want to try pages like Hitoshi Doi's VA database and one of the countless lists available on fan pages. I'd suggest starting at Anipike or simply going to Google and typing in “Japanese voice actor database”. You're bound to turn something up.

I was wondering if Bandai will ever make DVD box sets for Gundam Wing like they do for Cowboy Bebop Perfect Collection that will be releases in November?

Barney Lee

Probably. They did it for Bebop, why wouldn't they do it for Gundam Wing, another top-selling title? I imagine they'll put it together sometime next year.

Anyway, that's all for today. See you all back here on Friday for more.

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