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Answerman: ...And Then There Were Nine

Shockingly enough, I have no rant today. Let's get down to business, shall we?

What is the title and composer of the music that plays in the background of the Ebichu fansub translation notes?
-Michael Ratti

That piece of music, composed by Kabalevsky, is called “The Comedians from Gallop”. Most people will recognize it from the Gainax OVA FLCL.

Hi again, Answerman, I have some new questions that I'd liked answered about the anime world.

My first questions is, what order does the different Patlabor and Movies go in?

And, my second question, where can I find the Jin - Roh soundtrack, I have looked at different anime music websites such as and but haven't found any.

Any help is appreciated.


There are two Patlabor timelines. The first one goes like this:
Patlabor OVA 1-7, followed by Patlabor Movie 1, followed by Movie 2.
The second one goes like this:
Patlabor TV 1-47, followed by Patlabor OVA 1-16.

Many people think that the movies follow the TV timeline, but they were released before the television series. As for your second question, has the Jin-Roh soundtrack in stock. It's a great CD.

hi there answeman,

i found out that there was gonna be another evangelion movie, i just found this out at They even had a poster of it. said that it was gonna be released next year and that the title is called "The reprise of evangelion", could u find out more info about this answerman. i know that the kids are like 19 years old and stuff but it would be nice if you could dig up more. well see ya man and goodluck!!!!

Alright dude. I'll forgive not reading my other columns. I'll forgive ignoring the archive of Answerman Q&A columns that exists on this site. One thing I won't forgive is falling for this lame-brained Eva movie hoax this long after its initial release! This is FAKE. F-A-K-E. There's no more Evangelion being produced. That movie poster is fanart. This is the FINAL TIME I'm going to answer this question. Period. Dot.

I love watching the fan produced music videos at conventions, and always find myself at a loss when trying to describe the best ones to other fans who weren't able to see them. So, I was wondering if there are any websites where these can be downloaded and viewed?

Thanks for your help!


Check out They have downloads, and if you want to start up your own music video studio, you can sign up there and network with over music video creators.

How's hangin, answerman? I was reading up on the otakon report and noticed that it said something about an upcoming release of the first Ceres DVD. I just picked up my copy last weekend at Suncoast and was wondering if it's not sposed to be out yet or I own a pirated copy. Thanks

Suncoast wouldn't sell you a pirated copy. The first Ceres DVD was legitimately released on July 31st.. The second disc streets on August 28th.

Hello zac the answer man, i got some questions, and u got answers.

1.)i have been reading the One-Piece Manga lately and i think it is incredible. But i have only been able to find one episode of it fansubbed. whats the deal with that? its a such a great series why has no fansubbers picked it up yet?

2.)Why did the foolish ppl at Animerica Extra loose there lisence to X/1999? does it have anything to do with the up coming TV series and OAV?

3.)Is there any reasonible answer as to why the people at Media Blasters Dub the openning songs to there anime?

by the way i think u should do some sort of "stump the answerman" contest. Where ppl send u questions and try and stump u.

Thanks, the one known as

There are several fansubbers working on One Piece right now, they're just going slowly. Animerica hasn't lost the X license, they're just going through severe contract renegotiations. All the details on that haven't really come out yet, but Animerica has stated that X will return to the pages of Animerica Extra eventually. I'm not sure why Media Blasters dubs the opening themes to their shows; maybe they don't realize how badly they turn out. Stumping me would be easy – just ask a question based on any mecha show from the past 30 years and I most likely won't be able to answer it. Now, if we were asking questions primarily based on Utena, One Piece, and a whole host of flowery shoujo manga titles… you'd be hard pressed to stump me. Although I know many a fan girl that could blow me out of the water when it comes to trivial knowledge of shoujo manga.

Hey answerman,

I've been dying to know why the Yu Yu Hakusho tv series hasn't been released in America, I mean, they've bought over the movies, right? Do you know if there's any interest at all in bringing the series over, and if there's any talk of releasing Initial D stateside?


Yuu Yuu Hakusho was licensed recently by Funimation. It'll be making its way to our shores soon enough. As for Initial D, I have no idea. No companies have announced anything regarding that show recently.

Will we ever see Lensman on DVD?? Was it ever released on video??? My friend said it was one of the best science fiction epics and one of the classic anime...

Lensman was released on video by Streamline a long time ago. Since then, Streamline has gone bankrupt, and I don't think anyone grabbed the rights to Lensman. Among members of my anime club, Lensman TV is only talked about in hushed whispers. Someone I believe has a tee-shirt with a cel from the Lensman TV series and the words “Never again” printed below it. Take that as you will.

Hey answerman,

Any chance of another OVA of Outlaw Star Episodes? I NEED MORE OUTLAW STAR!!!!!! (yes, i've already heard about angel links)


Animerica announced that a new Outlaw Star OVA series was being produced in Japan. Apparently it relates directly to the original TV series and not Angel Links.

Normally I answer 10, but I'm counting the question that has 4 separate questions in it as two. So there. Seeya on Tuesday, folks.

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