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Star Sick

Answerman: Star Sick

I've never been more thankful for the weekend.

Yo Answerguy! I heard a rumor that FUNimation is getting the license rights to Child's Toy. Is this true?

Sounds like a big stinking load of bullcrap to me. It's a rumor; dismiss it.


You mentioned in your column that there was a company that had the rights to Orguss. Were you referring to the OAV series or the TV series? If it was the latter, who has the rights to it?


I believe it's just the OVA; the TV series was never licensed.


Now that Bandai has finished releasing Crest of the Stars what's the latest info on the second half of the series, Battle Flag of the Stars? I haven't seen any news regarding a release date.

Thanks Answerman.

They don't have a release date yet, but I'd give it a few months. It should be out before too long.

The Incredible Spiderpants asks:

I know it's a long shot, but what are the chances of the PS Cowboy Bebop game getting released state-side? I'm in love with the series, but I'm not dying to buy a Japanese PS and learn Japanese any time soon.

Also, I keep hearing that the Cowboy Bebop movie "Knocking on Heavens Door" is getting a "limited theatrical run" in the US. How limited and when, for the love of Ein?!

Probably zilch. As a platform for mature gamers, the original PlayStation is essentially extinct. Besides, the game is fairly old. As for the movie, they haven't announced any concrete theatrical plans yet. Keep your pants on.

Has 'Project Weiß' mentioned anything about getting better animators for the new series airing soon? or are they sticking with the same guys from the original series?

Well, the original was hugely popular but produced very cheaply. I'd imagine that the budget was substantially larger for this incarnation; the OVAs that were produced had some very nice animation. Hopefully the new series will come close to the OVAs, rather than the original TV series. I'm fairly sure it's being animated by the same studio, though.

Sorry if you've already fielded this one, but I wonder if you could tell me what the attitude is toward Lefties in manga. I know the panels are reversed (in all my translated books), so all these characters who write with their left hands must be Righties.

Does everybody write right-handed in manga/anime or what?

Pretty much. The Japanese don't have any special affinity for southpaws, as far as I know.

Dear Answerman,

1. What is the name of the hang glider thingy Nausicaä rides all the time? Some say it's Mowe, while others say it's Mehve.

2. Has anyone received the rights to dub Angelic Layer (I hope not Nelvana!)?

Thank You.

~Crystal Mononoke

"Mehve" and "Moewe" are the same thing, literally the same word. The former is simply the Japanese pronunciation. They both mean "Seagull". Nobody's licensed Angelic Layer yet.

Just a few questions...
1) Was there any more Birdy the Mighty anime produced besides the 2 OVAs/whatevers that air sporadically on the Action Channel? Or is there a manga? (OR did they just never finish it?)
2) Is there a Tokyo Babylon manga and was it released in the US? because the OVAs/Mini-Movies/whatevers are definitely not directly connected.
Thanks alot Answerman!

There was never any more Birdy anime but there is a manga series you can buy. There was a Tokyo Babylon manga but again, it was never released here. You can get complete translations of it on the web, though.

I'm in French class and we have begun learning about Roland (of the epic poem). Apparently the name of his sword was Durandal. Could this be where the name Dilandau came from?


Nope. I mean, they sound a little similar, but.. no.

I was wondering will Sailor Moon Stars ever be aired? I heard a rumor a while ago that they were in the process of dubbing it but I haven't seen anything about it. Another thing will they air Outlaw Star again? Thanks

Okay, people, enough with the Sailor Stars question. It hasn't been licensed yet. Yes, rumors are flying around. There's a lot of heresay and conjecture. Before you fire off an email explaining to me all the little tiny minute details that make you think that Sailor Stars is actually going to air soon, stop. I've heard it. Nobody's said anything CONCRETE yet. I'll wait for that announcement to say "Yes, it will be on the air". Anyway. Outlaw Star is now airing on Cartoon Network again.

See y'all on Tuesday.

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