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Conjugal Bliss

Answerman: Conjugal Bliss

Okay, let's get cracking, people.

    I was wondering if the manga for Angel Sanctuary is going to be released in English in the not too distant future. If there are no licensed manga releases, are there places where one can read a translated manga series? Thanks

Hasn't been licensed yet but I know there are several places out there on the web that provide translations. Try Anipike or Google.


I was just wondering if you know anything about the new 4th season of Slayers that is supposedly being released in Japan.

If it is being produced, has it been aired yet (in Japan of course), and will it ever come to the US?

Also, is there any plans to dub Slayers Great, Gorgeous, Return, and Excellent.

Thnaks for you time,


There's no new season of Slayers coming out any time soon in Japan. No plans for one either. Slayers Great, Return, Gorgeous and Excellent have all been licensed by ADV Films and should be out soon enough.

Is there a boxset planned for Vandread? If there is do you know if it will include the special edition covers. I doubt it will since Trigun didn't.

Geno Lewis

Pioneer will probably release a box set of Vandread once they're finished releasing it. They probably won't have the LE covers, though.

Well I was wondering if anyone had plans of picking Boys Be… up and bringing it to the U.S.?

Not as far as I know.

Is there a good site that I can go to that will give me the news on the latest anime in japan?


Sure. Try www.animedaisuki.com.

Hey wassup?
I know it may be a long shot, but is there any chance, or even any talk about the Gravitation TV series and/or OVA coming to America? Thanx for your time.

DJ Shonobi

Hasn't been licensed yet but nothing's impossible.

Hey, I was wondering, is anyone tryin to get the rights for the Flame of recca series? It's my favorite anime series ever and all I have is fansubs! I want some official DVDs!!! When will it be licensed!?!?!?!?
-The Great Recca

Flame of Recca hasn't been licensed yet by any US distributors. "When" isn't really the question; "If" is more what you want to ask.

Hey I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and I was wondering if you knew where I can buy the magna. I have already bought 4 from TOYS R US but they don't have any but that one pack. Please answer this!

Check your local bookstore or comic book store. Just about every major book chain carries Sailor Moon manga - I've seen a bunch of graphic novels at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Waldenbooks. I've also seen a ton of Sailor Moon manga at every local comic book shop.

Now that there are two answerers, I like to know which series and movies you two would disagree about if you were both anime reviewers.


OK, I brought Mrs. Answerman in to help answer this one.

First of all, WeiB Kreuz sucks ass. Period. They should put that on the back of the DVD. "This show sucks ass!" - Zac Bertschy. You'd save a lot of people a lot of money and time.

Mrs. Answerman:
Here's an old debate. That show is made for women, period. Last I checked, Mr. Answerman isn't a woman. Cute guys, some of the plots are lacking but that's not a common problem, and tons of fighting and killer weapons. (Not to mention, Mr. Answerman reads Tenjou Tenge by OH GREAT!, which is basically just large-breasted girls beating the snot out of each other. He has no room to talk here.)

Hey, Tenjou Tenge is a modern masterpiece. Besides, you watched all of Tales of Eternia. I pray that pile of derivative garbage never sees the light of day in the US. Gag me with a +6 Broadsword.

Mrs. Answerman:
It's based on a video game…probably the best video game anime out there (sad as that is). It's a cute little show that's fun to watch…um…once. Besides, you also like Noir. When someone says 'oh, it gets good if you sit through the first 10 crappy episodes'…that isn't what I call quality. But then again, if you like moody depressing cute women with guns…

That's what people told me. After having watched the first 10 episodes I determined that the show wasn't a whole lot more than a well-written action series for lolita fetishists. I dropped my love for Noir a while back, along with my love for Inu-Yasha, which you can sit through. Not sure how or why, really. Yawn.

Mrs. Answerman:
Take out the whole 'Let's kill Naraku…oh wait, it's not him…onward!' storyline that keeps coming up, and Inu-Yasha a lot of fun to watch. Mostly because I enjoy watching the characters develop and their relationships evolve. Don't know why, but I really love the love/hate relationship that goes on between Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru.

*zzzzzzzz* Oh, I'm sorry, are you still talking?

Mrs. Answerman:
*throws a wine bottle at him*

Okay, so now you know. Happy? Let me just piece my relationship back together now…

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