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Dear Answerman and co...
I have been watching anime for about 10 years.. and I can't stand when a good show is ruined.
Thats why I cringe when I hear (Samurai X)
I loved the Kenshin OVAs, and movie.... and would like to have them on DVD, but I won't buy it if I can't change the logo.
I'm not talking about the DVD covers.. I know they can be flipped over, but when watching the anime... I was wondering if you knew if they put maybe a 2nd angle so that when the movie starts it would say "Rurouni Kenshin The Movie" and not "Samurai X, The Movie" because if it does... I will stick with my fansub (even though the quality sucks) Thanks

Well, let me put it this way. The only thing different about the film is that the title card says “Samurai X”. Other than that, no names have been changed, and the translation is accurate (probably a lot more accurate than your fansub copy). If you're seriously thinking of not supporting the show because the words “Samurai X” are on the screen for a few seconds, you need to think about your priorities in life. You can make the cover say “Rurouni Kenshin”. The film itself is no different. Why sweat so much over a title card? A simple name change is hardly “ruining” the show (and yes, I'm aware of what Sony did to Kenshin in other countries, but the show was released unedited and virtually unchanged here in the States, so we have nothing to complain about.). Buy the DVD and stop complaining.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Answerman,

Since the news of ADV's anime network came to fruition, I was curious on how they'll pull it off. I'm hearing that it'll be on basic cable, but with the standards that are set won't it have to be censored or watered down? I mean stating that it'll bring series like Eva definitely comes with baggage. The execs of CN would never give a second though of ever airing Eva on Adult Swim. What are they trying to acomplish? Are they attempting to target demographics here? Or are they going to show it uncut? As in the way it was meant to be and dissolve the misperception of anime being a children's genre. Speaking of purity, are they going to show dubs or subs? Did ADV release other specifics?

Arigato Goziamasu Answerman-san,
Tom (USF Otaku, go Bulls!)

OK, I'm going to answer this question again. ADV has not released ANY specifics except a few minor details, like the rough categories they've broken things down to. We don't know anything yet. We don't know if they're going to show dubs or subs, or if they're going to have original programming, or if they're going to show non-ADV properties, or what exactly they're planning on showing, or anything of that nature. Asking for specifics and details at this point is expecting way too much way too soon. Wait for the press releases, people. They'll come. As for broadcasting standards, those are self-inflicted. The networks censor themselves voluntarily; they don't have to do it. There's no government law preventing people from saying swear words on TV. The Anime Network can do as they please, although they'll probably put more risqué content on later at night.

Dear Answerman,

Is the movie "Armitage III - Polymartix" a compilation version of the original Armitage III OAVs?

Thank you

Sort of. The Movie Armitage III - Polymatrix is a compilation of the 4 OAV episodes with a few cuts, a few new scenes and a completely new ending. All of Amirtage is available on DVD, its great stuff, go buy it.

Dear answerman,

My friends and I don't exactly live in a huge metropolis were anime stores are around every corner. The only place we have to go is the SunCoast Chain (ie. Sam Goody, On Cue, Media Play) and stores like F.Y.E.

While these stores have tided our anime needs over time and time again, it seems that over the past month, they are slowly weeding the anime section out. Each visit, the rack gets smaller and smaller.

I guess my question is, what's there reason for doing this? And i guess another guestion would be, if the anime sections in these major stores are fazed out, what then? Many of my friends say order off line, but i have the patients of a 3 year old.

Thanks for any help you can give

Well, if you live in a small town, chances are the anime isn't selling as well as it is in most other places, and they're starting to phase it out. Your option at that point is the internet. You'll just have to deal with waiting for it to come in the mail.

In your own words, or if you so choose to ask everyone you know, what do you think would happen if they stopped making boxes for a whole year?

What? We'd have to use the boxes we already have? What kind of question is this?

Anyway, that's it for now.

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