Ms. Answerman: Nyanko Fever

by Rebecca Bundy,

Cute little plump kitties + food items = hard to resist merchandise As of now I own two nyanko meat buns, a nyanko crepe, a nyanko bun, and a nyanko shrimp bowl that's atop a pez dispenser. These little guys are starting to pop up everywhere, especially at anime conventions, so don't be too surprised if you see their cute little mugs staring back at you while you're hunting for that Gundam Seed model or Full Metal Alchemist artbook. My personal favorite are the nyanko chicken mcnuggets with two types of dipping sauce!

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks column, where we'll be having a special guest answer one of your questions.

Dear Sir/Madam.
I have visited in hope that I may find assistance there. I am a 15 year old budding artist and will need all the information I can get about starting a career as an anime-cartoon/manga artist. Thank you very much in advance.
S. Oberlies

It's amazing how many emails I get about this very subject, even though both Zac and I have repeatedly answered this question in previous columns. In retrospect, the “When is Naruto going to be licensed” and “When is the second season of Berserk/Hellsing going to be produced” questions have nearly stopped plaguing my mailbox, so I'm guessing that these people got fed up with asking about anime series and moved on to asking about how they can make their own.

Before you even consider daydreaming about grueling hours and weekly to monthly deadlines that breathe over your shoulder like a hungry tiger, you should start looking at colleges that offer art/graphic design and Japanese studies as majors. In fact, if you can get a private Japanese tutor now, do it. If you can't, sign up for Japanese classes at a local community college. You'll need A LOT of Japanese under your belt. Also look into programs that let you teach or study abroad. Plan to spend at least two years in the country as a non-tourist. Let's not forget that you need to get those art/design classes in and practice so much that people call the store where you purchase your art supplies from if they're looking for you.

Once you've completed this, you'll have to get a work permit by proving that you're better than anyone else who might be competing for the same job you are. If you get the permit and find a job, expect to spend years at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to drawing; it'll be years before you're at the head of the animation team or having your manga published.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Answerman,
I know that you must be sick getting this type of e-mail, but I just have to know. Is there going to be anymore Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, espically after the way the Ep. 26 ended.
If not, does the manga go past Ep. 26?
Hunter Oates

Though there hasn't been any news about a second season of MaLoki, I do have some good news for you. ADV has licensed the rights to Matantei Loki Ragnarok, which picks up where the anime (and the first seven volumes of Matantei Loki) left off. Look for it, as well as other Mag Garden titles, in the coming months.

Ms. Answerman,
I had a quick question I was hoping you could answer for me. I hate to bother you with it but I was not sure who could answer this. I love the series Full Moon wo Sagashite and was wondering if there are any plans to bring the series over? Other series that came out around the same time have been lisenced and released or are coming. How are the chances for this series to make it over here?
Thank You

This is a fairly popular series, not only in Japan but among American anime fans as well. There are still a number of big conventions coming up within the next few months, so if it's going to be licensed you'll probably hear about it then. Check the news page for ANN's convention coverage if you can't attend the conventions or the panels yourself.

dear ms. answerman
why is it that all the anime company's in the U.S. release box sets with the first volume and not the last. It make's more scenes to release at the end there were some anime's that I avoided the box because I don't know if it will be any good and I do't want to spend the extra $15 dollars for a box for a series I ma not by all the dvd's. and putting the box at the end will make it mare viable to me.

While some people will skip on the boxset just in case, others will buy it knowing (or hoping) that they'll want to buy the rest of the series. There are also some people who don't care about shelling out an extra 15-25 dollars for a box and whatever goodies may be included. Companies make the most money when a series is hot and new, so it makes sense to include the extras when people are most likely going to purchase a series. The end of a series is also reserved for completed box sets so that people don't have to hunt around for older volumes of a series that might've already sold out. If you're hesitant about buying boxes for series early on, you can always check out websites like and hope that they have the empty box for sale.

The word is that they are releasing a Naruto feature film.
the Fall/Winter 2004 ive tried to find info on this my self.
With no luck.
what i´d like to know is, if they are releasing it then what date and who has the license to it ?
Kristian "Xellos" Kinnari

The movie, called “Naruto: Dai Katsugeki!! Yuki Hime Shinobu Houjou Datte Bayo!”, is opening on August 21st in Japan, with two japanese websites here and here. Considering that the anime hasn't even been licensed yet, it's a bit premature to be wondering about when the movie will be licensed. If someone ever licenses the anime, you can be sure that they'll try to get the movie as well assuming of course that the anime sells well.

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