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INTEREST: Variety Show Discusses 'Boys-Love-ification' of Real-World High School Students

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EmpyreanBlaze wrote:
ブロマンス - Apparently the Japanese equivalent of "Bromance", thanks to Google.

I personally won't do any of that (excluding wearing the same shirt) openly in public except with the closest of friends... Though definitely not the Pocky game, especially in a serious manner whilst thinking straight. But who knows what the future brings LOL.

Sometimes a Pocky stick is JUST a Pocky stick. Razz

The West has trouble understanding boys' "Bromances" and girls "Best-friend Crushes", because over here, the boys mix with the girls, and grow up without any complexes about the other.
Friendships among Japanese students are closer, because they represent being able to share interests without outside fears, and because the whole "unity" ethic of the country emphasizes buddy-ship, or even close friendly rivalries if you're not.

As for why it's such a big thing among high school students, it's probably because that's the age when girls are noticing it the most, trying to find that "sensitive" boy who's not like the rude, uninterested ones they're terrified of from afar.
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