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NEWS: Anime NYC to Host Princess Principal Director Masaki Tachibana

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Ronie Peter

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:14 pm Reply with quote
I had already said this in some forums, but I will repeat here for anyone who watched the series he directed and realized [the obvious] holes in the script and a certain lack of complement. I'll talk about something I noticed looking at the two studios and the producers behind the series: in March of this year, the Actas studio had announced that it had joined the 3hz studio to produce an original. Studio president Shunpei Maruyama had said in his profile on Twitter that Actas would help 3hz in its original, in return the studio would help them finish the Girls und Panzer movie. Which to him was kind of a surprise. Actas accepted and both were already producing [I believe] anime since the end of last year.

Everyone knows that Actas was recently acquired by Bandai, so the Girls und Punzer franchise does not end up disappearing. And now Studio Actas joins Sunrise as one of Bandai's studios. The curious thing is that the sudden foray from the 3hz studio to help Actas finish their Girls und Punzer movie and also help them in their original was not by chance. The fact that Bandai during the exhibition of the series produced between the two studios having then announced the acquisition of Actas was not by chance, I believe. Former Bones producer Yuichiro Matsuka was also a former Bandai producer. He had founded together with Muneki Ogasawara the studio Kinema Citrus, but split in 2013 to found his own studio, Studio 3hz.

So the fact that Bandai acquired the Actas Studio was not by chance: the work was probably not done only for one studio helping the other in a respective job, but it also served as a kind of negotiation behind the scenes of the Actas acquisition by Bandai. Thus, Yuichiro Matsuka, former producer of Bandai at Bones was a kind of facilitator of the acquisition. I say this because it was precisely while the TV show produced by the two studios that this acquisition occurred. So Princess Main was not a series made to sell DVD, they never thought of it as a source of profit, everything was part of a negotiation between two studios. The series itself only served to have Bandai take the Actas backstage and 3hz only provided a way for her to do so while at the same time joining Actas to help with her film. Of course, I may be wrong, but by the facts I've raised I'm sure about that.
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Barakamon!!!!!!! Hope I can get someone to get my BD signed.
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