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REVIEW: Girls Kingdom Omnibus 1

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:58 am Reply with quote
Sounds like a pretty good time, so it's a shame about the digital-only and poor translation quality. If it gets an edit and a physical release (is this at all likely? I have no idea) I'll pick it up for sure.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:26 pm Reply with quote
The good news is that if you have Kindle Unlimited, as of this writing the book is free; I'd be more hesitant to recommend paying full price ($7.99) for it.

Well speaking of that I currently subscribe to Kindle Unlimited when I heard of this book a while ago. I was going to end the trial after I got my fill at reading the manga that was available for free (which was not that much that interest me, as well as other books for that matter, which is why I was going to end my subscription), but then I head of this book and being that I am interested in giving Yuri a try I decided to keep my subscription a bit longer. I am glad I did, because as you said I would not be sure if I wanted to have bough this book given the poor translations. At least if the option to read it for free was not available.

So far I only read volume 1 and currently in the middle of reading volume two (specifically chapter 1 of volume 2) and despite the translation issue I am having fun with this story so far. I would like to own this series, but I would like if in future releases they either have someone who is more fluent English handling the translation or having that same someone to be in charge of editing the translation. This is because as I read through this novel and notice the number of grammatical mistakes the book had, I am getting the impression that no one checked behind the translator. I would also like if they release the first omnibus collection with better translations (I would imagine this might likely happen if the book got a physical release).

to eat a fried chicken drumstick with a fork and knife. (I don't know about you, but that's finger food in my world.)

I have actually eaten drumsticks with a fork and knife a number of times, but that is due to that I tend to prefer white meat over fatty meat (fatty meat disgust me) and drumsticks tend to lean on being too fatty (with the exceptions of the boneless ones), so I use either my utensils or hands to pick through the chicken to get as much white meat as I can. Okay when I think about it I do eat drumsticks with my fingers occasionally. It's just not the way as others typically eat their drumsticks. With that said I have try to eat drumsticks like everyone else and sometimes it works out, but other times not so much.

Anyway what I found to be odd for me was seeing Himeko using utensils to eat a donut. I was thinking much like you when I read that scene. However the scene reminded me of years ago when I was eating with one of my grandmas and sister at a once existing grocery store. We had pizza, and I believe I saw grandma eating her pizza with utensils. It was either that or she gave us utensils to eat with (which I knew that definitely happen). Well whether that happen or not it does not surprise me as grandma is from a time before pizza became more popular, so I can see her not being aware it's food people generally eat with their hands. In fact pizza is not something my grandma has often or if at all.

Well I am looking forward to reading the part of the story in which the contest happens to see just how ridiculous it is with everyone using utensils in a elegant way to eat everything despite some dishes being meant to eat with hands. Anime smile

. . .

Lastly, it has been a long time since i have heard of Strawberry Panic, and I have been thought of giving that story a try. I would keep that in mind for the future.
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