ANNual Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 26, 2007

All the entries have been posted.

The leaves are changing color, and every office building in the nation is bedecked with fake spider webs and plaster pumpkins. That means only one thing: Anime News Network's annual pumpkin carving contest is back! Show us your best gourd carving skills, and you could walk away with a stash of anime and manga.


Grand Prize First Prize
  • Red Garden DVD 1
  • Speed Grapher DVD 1
  • Trinity Blood DVD 1
  • Gyo GN 1 & 2
  • Uzumaki GN 1 & 2
  • Portus GN
(3) Runners Up
  • Red Garden DVD 1

Participants can enter as many times as they'd like. For each pumpkin, please send us two jpgs-- the finished product (preferably lit), and one with a sign next to it with the words "Anime News Network," so we know you did it yourself. The usage of markers will be allowed. We also ask that only real pumpkins be used. If you have a name or handle that you'd prefer to go by, please let us know in the email, as both your entry and your name. will be posted on the website.

The contest deadline is November 4 11:59PM EST. After that, no entries will be accepted, barring region-wide power failures or other extenuating circumstances. Please send all entries to halloween at animenewsnetwork dot com.

Need inspiration? Here are some of the winners from previous years.

Prizes were donated in part by the following sponsors:

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