The Great Canadian Trigun: Badlands Rumble Give Away Winners


The big screen adaptation of one of the most beloved anime series of all time, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, will soon be in Canadian theaters nationwide for a one night run on June 22nd.

The wonderful people at Eleven Arts Inc. have asked us to giveaway a few tickets to the upcoming Canadian theatrical release of Trigun: Badlands Rumble.

The winner's names are listed below, all winners will receive an e-mail instructing them how to pick up their tickets. If you didn't win, you can still head to any of these theaters on Wednesday night to see Trigun: Badlands Rumble on the big screen!

Trigun: Badlands Rumble Release Schedule

Province Location Theater Address
AB Lethbridge Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge 501-1st Avenue South West
Lethbridge, AB
AB Calgary Scotiabank Theatre Chinook 6455 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
AB Ricky View SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas & XSCAPE Entertainment Centre 261055 CrossIron Boulevard
Rocky View, AB
AB Edmonton Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas 1525-99th Street NW
Edmonton, AB
AB Edmonton Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton #3030, 8882-170 Street
Edmonton, AB
AB Edmonton Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas 10200 102nd Avenue
Edmonton, AB
BC Nanaimo Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo 213-4750 Rutherford Road
Nanaimo, BC
BC Victoria SilverCity Victoria Cinemas 3130 Tillicum Road
Victoria, BC
BC Burnaby SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas 4700 Kingsway Avenue
Burnaby, BC
BC Coquitlam SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas 170 Schoolhouse Street
Coquitlam, BC
BC Richmond SilverCity Riverport Cinemas 14211 Entertainment Way
Richmond, BC
BC Vancouver Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas 88 West Pender, 3rd Floor
Vancouver, BC
MB Winnipeg SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas 817 ST. James Street
Winnipeg, MB
NB Fredericton Empire Studio 10 Regent Mall 1381 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB
NL St. John's Empire Studio 12 48 Kenmount Road
Avalon Mall
St. John's, NL
NS Halifax Empire Theatres Bayers Lake 190 Chain Lake Drive
Bayers Lake Business Park
Halifax, NS
ON Barrie Galaxy Cinemas Barrie 72 Commerce Park Drive
Barrie, ON
ON Kingston Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas 636 Gardiners Road
Kingston, ON
ON London SilverCity London Cinemas 1680 Richmond Street
London, ON
ON North Bay Galaxy Cinemas North Bay 300 Lakeshore Drive
North Bay, ON
ON Windsor SilverCity Windsor Cinemas 4611 Walker Road
Windsor, ON
ON Niagara Falls Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square Cinemas 7555 Montrose Road, L2H 2E9
Niagara Falls, ON
ON Ottawa SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas 2385 City Park Drive
Gloucester, ON
ON Ancaster SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas 771 Golf Links Road
Ancaster, ON
ON Brantford Galaxy Cinemas Brantford 300 King George Road
Brantford, ON
ON Burlington SilverCity Burlington Cinemas 1250 Brant Street
Burlington, ON
ON Guelph Galaxy Cinemas Guelph 485 Woodlawn Road West
Guelph, ON
ON Waterloo Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo 550 King Street North
Waterloo, ON
ON Brampton SilverCity Brampton Cinemas 50 Great Lakes Drive
Brampton, ON
ON Markham Cineplex Odeon First Markham Place Cinemas Highway, 7 & Fairburn Drive
Markham, ON
ON Mississauga Empire Studio 10 at Square One 100 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON
ON North York SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas 1800 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit Y007
Toronto, ON
ON Oshawa Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas 1351 Grandview Street North
Oshawa, ON
ON Richmond Hill SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas 8725 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON
ON Scarborough Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas Scarborough Town Centre
300 Borough Drive
Scarborough, ON
ON Toronto Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas 1025 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON
ON Toronto Scotiabank Theatre Toronto 259 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON
QC Montreal Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal (Scotiabank Theatre Montreal) 977 Ste-Catherine West
Montreal, QC
QC Quebec City Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy 1200 autoroute Duplessis
St. Foy, QC
SK Regina Galaxy Cinemas Regina 420 McCarthy Boulevard North, Unit 26
Regina, SK
SK Moose Jaw Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw 1235 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, SK
SK Saskatoon Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon 347-2nd Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK

Ballto - Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Clifford Rockerbie - Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Jose Nelson Mayen Miranda - Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Cynthia Cradduck - Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Christina Safinuk - Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
Robin - SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas
alex da silva - SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas
Jennifer Blankers - SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas
Angela Wen - SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas
roberta stinson - SilverCity Coquitlam Cinemas
Al Johnston - SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
Alex S - SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
Julian Recto - SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
David Johnson - SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
Felix Ka Chun Ho - SilverCity Riverport Cinemas
James Dury - Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Lance Adkins - Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Edmund Yee - Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Patricia Raftery - Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Naomi Sheats - Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
Koren Ramos - SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
Evan Amabile - SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
Bill Battershill - SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
Russell Martens - SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
David Paul - SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas
Siobhan Merrigan - Empire Studio 12
Catrina Urquhart - Empire Theatres Bayers Lake
Claudia Legg - Empire Theatres Bayers Lake
Jessica Flinn - Empire Theatres Bayers Lake
Walt Tanner - Empire Theatres Bayers Lake
Tristan Gerrits - Empire Theatres Bayers Lake
Devon Murray - Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
Ryan Helmkay - Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
Jon Thompson - Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
Kim Cable - Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
Adam Bocox - Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
Sarah Kelly - Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas
Stephanie Truscott-Rumsey - Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas
Irma Scheffler - Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas
Jake MacNeil - Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas
Ashley Hallett - Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas
Nick DelBen - SilverCity London Cinemas
Ryan Turford - SilverCity London Cinemas
Kim Knister - SilverCity London Cinemas
Gina Rohekar - SilverCity London Cinemas
Sherry Rohekar - SilverCity London Cinemas
Tyler Trenholm - Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
Lisa Rieger - Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
Bryant Meema - Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
Alan Sorensen - Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
Brittany Nolan - Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
Sebastian Sandoval - SilverCity Windsor Cinemas
William Cooper - SilverCity Windsor Cinemas
Marc Lunden - SilverCity Windsor Cinemas
Peter Laliberte - SilverCity Windsor Cinemas
Robert Dowsett - SilverCity Windsor Cinemas
Michael Williamson - Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square Cinemas
Erika Quiza - Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square Cinemas
Nicole Capicchioni - Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square Cinemas
Benoit Lepine - SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
Craig MacEachern - SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
Andrew J Currie - SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
Chris Hnain - SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
Jude Beaudin - SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas
Filipp Pankov - SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas
Norman McEvoy - SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas
Dan McBurney - SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas
David Miller - SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas
Jack Cox - SilverCity Burlington Cinemas
Ryan Woodland - SilverCity Burlington Cinemas
Jamie Robinson - Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Tom Nestman - Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Mike SAQ - Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Saffat Jamal - Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Marie Bezeau - Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
Missy Thomas - Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Sarah Dela Cruz - Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Royce Mok - Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Elizabeth Macnaughton - Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Meghan Dale - Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
Jerdon Small Phillips - SilverCity Brampton Cinemas
Blair - SilverCity Brampton Cinemas
Amar Maharaj - SilverCity Brampton Cinemas
michael simpson - SilverCity Brampton Cinemas
Amanveer Chhokar - SilverCity Brampton Cinemas
Paul Kiemele - SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas & XSCAPE Entertainment Centre
Jorge Gorsedin - SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas & XSCAPE Entertainment Centre
Allan Bray - SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas & XSCAPE Entertainment Centre
Christian Beyea - Cineplex Odeon First Markham Place Cinemas
Marc Garces - Empire Studio 10 at Square One
Geoffrey Leung - Empire Studio 10 at Square One
Kevin Ng - Empire Studio 10 at Square One
Joanna Wong - Empire Studio 10 at Square One
Ahsan Shere - Empire Studio 10 at Square One
Ben Household - SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas
Tess Reid - SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas
Charlie Lim - SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas
May - SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas
Rachelle Shelkey - SilverCity Fairview Mall Cinemas
Christopher J Foster - Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas
Lisa Kosh - Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas
Ben Letourneau - Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas
Christopher J Meikle - Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas
Bramwell Su - SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
Oliver Li - SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
scott wachter - SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
SUNI MASIH - SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
Leon Pang - SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas
Ken Campbell - Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas
Aisha Osman - Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas
Geoffrey Greig - Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas
Jennifer Taylor - Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Kevin Jackson - Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Gretchen Mann - Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Matt Sides - Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Dustin Alexander - Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas
Dev Deepa - Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
Daniel Sloan - Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
Ryon Park - Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
Nelson Duong - Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
David Simmons - Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
Adi Bouskila - Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal
Ben Bauer - Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal
Joanne - Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal
Sarah Oliel - Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal
Myriam Benoit - Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal
Audrey Veilleux - Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy
Sylvain Roy - Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy
Jean-Sébastien Hébert - Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy
Ryan Harvison - Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy
Victor Leung - Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas
Carolyn Villeneuve - Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas
Derek Hansen - Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas
Ronald Woo - Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas
Christine Vautour - Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas
Ryan Coleman - Galaxy Cinemas Regina
Sean Campbell - Galaxy Cinemas Regina
Kent Anderson - Galaxy Cinemas Regina
Kristine Dowler - Galaxy Cinemas Regina
Jenna Crawford - Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon
Travis Katerynych - Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon
Drew Betke - Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon
Anna Ly - Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon
Sara Jay - Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
Ahmad Jawdat - Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
Nicholas Chen - Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
Rebecca Schaeffer - Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
Richard Dixon - Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
Jessica Ho - Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas
Zoe Kane - Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas
Ann-Marie Przyslupski - Empire City Centre 9 Cinemas
Richard Beaubien - Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
Greg Montgomery - Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
Dylan Jack - Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
Derrick Clarke Shields - Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
Astrid Larsen - Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
Conor Mangold - SilverCity Victoria Cinemas
Joshua Donald Benjamin - SilverCity Victoria Cinemas
Brian Ayotte - SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas
Kevin Day - SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas
Grace Birch - SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas
Sumeet Kumar - SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas
Antonia Ursa - SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas

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