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Anime Expo 2003
Central Park Media

by George Phillips,
This year's Central Park Media panel was hosted by John O'Donnell and Justin Sevakis. In addition to their acquisition announcement of Narue no Sekai, they also went over details of upcoming releases for the rest of the year.

Alien 9
After the release of the DVD and the 3 graphic novels, there will be an Ultimate Collection. The Ultimate Collection will contaisahon the DVD and novels with a nice box and retail for $59.99.

The DNA^2 Ultimate Collection will be released for $119.99

Revolutionary Girl Utena
The long awaited last volume of Utena will include commentary by Kunihiko Ikuhara and Chiho Saitō, answering questions about both the series and also the Adolescence movie. The DVD will be released on 11/11/2003. Also, the Utena Temptation Box will be released, which will include a t-shirt, the box for the series, and the Utena Temptation DVD. It will retail for $34.99 and is slated to be released on 7/8/2003.

Descendants of Darkness
A boxset of this popular supernatural series will be released on 7/8/2003 for $99.99.

Cat's Soup
Directed by Tatsuo Satō (Ninja Scroll TV, Martian Successor Nadesico), the Cat's Soup English premiere will be at this year's Big Apple Anime Fest. The DVD will contain running commentary by Sato, along with a half hour long interview. The DVD is slated to be released for $19.99 on 9/9/2003. A limited edition run will include a special packaging feature, hinted at only as a “liquid art” cover.

Animation Runner Kuromi
Winner of the Best OVA award at the Tokyo International Animation Festival, this production is directed by Akitarō Daichi, known for his work in such works like Now and Then, Here and There, and Fruits Basket. The DVD will contain 40 minutes of bonus footage, and will retail 9/9/2003 at $24.99. The English version will premiere at this year's Big Apple Anime Fest.

In addition to their new releases, Central Park Media also stated their release plans for some of their older series. Among these plans involved steadily marking down the prices on individual discs as their release age grew, finalizing at $19.95. There were also other new releases of old series that were announced, including:

Patlabor: Mobile Police Original Series OVA DVD Collection
All of the episodes will be released for $49.99 in a collection at a street date of 10/14/2003. The discs will feature commentary by Mamoru Oshii.

Authentic Anime series – Subtitled only DVDs
The first volume of Machine Robo will be released on 8/2/2003 for $19.99.

GoShogun - The Time Stranger
Central Park Media will be releasing Go Shogun with a new dub. The DVD is due out on October 14th for $19.99 (At the panel it was listed as $24.99, CPM has informed us that this was an error on their part).

Spirit Warrior
Formally known as the Peacock King, this will be released on two individual discs, 50 minutes an 1 episode each, as well in the form of as a gift pack. The release dates for the separate discs are 8/12/2003 and 12/2/2003, at an MSRP of $19.99. The discs will also feature a commentary track by Rintaro.

Legend of the Dragon Kings series
From the acclaimed Osamu Dezaki, the series will be available as a special two pack, with respective dates of 10/14 and 12/2, both retailing at $19.99.

Central Park Media Manga announcements.

Call Me Princess 10/1/2003 $9.99
Nadesico 10/1/2003 $9.99
Popcorn Romance 10/1/2003 $9.99
Lodoss War, the Lady of Pharis 11/19/2003 $15.95

Anime 18 announcements

Night Shift Nurses 2 9/9/2003 $29.99
Demon Beast Resurrection, and 2nd (and coll)
8/12, 10/14
Bloodshadow 12/2/2003 $29.99

(Verified by CPM Rep)

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