Nan Desu Kan 2003
Manga Entertainment

by Allen Divers,
Keith Burgess, longtime "face" for Manga Entertaiment, hosted Manga's panel at NDK. Starting off, Keith mentioned that all the dates he had prior to the convention are now old information as he had just received a call that changed many of Manga's future releases. Instead of mentioning bad information, Keith talked about Manga's separation from parent company, Palm Pictures. With the recent split, Manga hopes to be able to have the freedom to do more in the future.

Keith mentioned that Manga hopes to be able to license more series in the future, as well as increase the number of co-productions it has. Some current co-productions include a Street Fighter Alpha 2 movie as well as a series called Dead Leaves which Keith described as like FLCL. Also, with the newfound independence, plans are in the works to increase fan support online as well as at conventions. Manga is also looking to increase quality control in its release line. Many of the previous problems are blamed on Manga's use of different authoring houses to get releases finished.

As for releases, Ninja Scroll 10th anniversary is still on schedule. The rest of the upcoming releases have been pushed around a bit. Manga no longer has the rights to Giant Robo, but a box set will be appearing from some other company. Planned box sets for the Evangelion series are currently on hold. Manga is pretty much in a holding pattern until their reorganization is finished.

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