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Otakon 2004
Bandai Entertainment

by Mikhail Koulikov & George Phillips,
Company Representative: Jerry Chu

New licenses:
Fantastic Children

Also, look for the following titles over the next 12 months:
Please Twins (November 2004)
Dear Boys
Dan Doh!!
Galaxy Angel 2
Di Gi Charat Nyo
Overman King Gainer
Scrapped Princess (Release schedule TBD, but expected to be "early 2005")

Over the next several months, the following release schedule is planned: Ghost in the Shell: Innocence will premiere theatrically on September 17. Release of Zentrix will commence in October, and Galaxy Angel Zeta and Please Twins in November. Following a limited subtitled theatrical release in the New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Minneapolis markets, Gundam F-91, which premiered at Otakon, will be released to DVD as a two-disc set. Dice, a Bandai-Xebec coproduction, is scheduled for release in early 2005.

The Zeta Gundam box will feature exclusive illustrations, a bonus poster, and an unspecified other extra item. No decision has been made yet regarding boxes or box sets for the titles Bandai announced Anime Expo and Otakon, but something will definitely be made available for Scrapped Princess.

In time for the holiday season, Bandai will produce a limited number of value-priced collections. Each will also include some sort of accessory or bonus item. The collections will include all the episodes from the respective TV series:

Banner of the Stars I and II ($49.98 each)
Ronin Warriors TV+OVA ($149.98)
Betterman ($99.98)
Love Hina TV+OVA+Movies ($149.98)
.hack//SIGN TV (Inclusion of the omake Episodes 27; $149.98)
Geneshaft ($49.98)
Escaflowne ($99.98)
Witch Hunter Robin (Will include a "wearable accessory" from the series; $149.98)

The .hack//SIGN set will include episode 26: Intermezzo and episode 27: Evidence (Originally aired as Episode 15 on the Japanese TV broadcast), however episode 28: Unison will not be included. Unison (An episode created for the special-edition DVD Box set release of .hack//Liminality in Japan) is only available in the .hack//SIGN volume 6 limited edition release.

As per the recent (San Diego Comic Con) announcement that Bandai is branching out into manga publishing, and will be producing both translations of existing Japanese titles and original works, no specific title information is available at this time, but the first Bandai manga titles should be hitting stores by early 2005 at the latest.

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