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The Edit List
Big O - ep. 5-7

by Kyle Pope,

CN's definitely got a problem with tobacco. I have to wonder if Adult Swim will be adult enough to allow smoking. The crew of the Bebop smoke like chimneys. Big O: Bring Back My Ghost
  1. Opening shot of Frasier's limosine cut.
  2. Frasier's cigar and smoke digitally removed.
  3. Scene of Frasier stubbing out his cigar cut.
  4. Scene of Roger's face during Norman's voiceover replaced with shot of Dorothy by the elevator.
  5. Blood removed from body lying outside the Military Police car.
  6. Scene of Dastun and Roger waiting by the gate of the Frasier mansion shortened.
  7. Scenes of Dastun smoking cut.
  8. Dastun's "by the justice and honor of the Military Police" cut.

The edits for this one seemed largely concentrated on excising all tobacco use from the show. They went so far as to cut one of Major Dastun's lines (edit #8) because he was smoking when he said it. It'll be interesting to see what happens to all the smoking in Cowboy Bebop when it debuts. Big O: A Legacy of Amadeus

No edits whatsoever. This episode was completely intact. Fortunate too as this was a Dorothy episode. Big O: A Call from the Past

1. Scenes of Angel nervously smoking in the submerged office building cut.

That's it. The rest was intact. Interesting that Angel can spend the entire episode running around in her rather provocative underwear but showing her smoking is taboo.

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