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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop - unaired ep. 8

by Kyle Pope,

The hijacking incident lasted a little over a couple of minutes. No further mention of it was made during the rest of the episode. I see no reason why this episode was dropped. I see no reason why it couldn't be broadcast on the next run of Cowboy Bebop. Hopefully CN will come to their senses before the time to air this episode comes around.

Episode Summary: Waltz for Venus Episode 8

A spaceliner inbound for Venus is hijacked. Unfortunately the hijackers have bounties on their heads and Jet, Spike and Faye are on the case. With minimal effort the hijackers are subdued and handed over to the authorities. While leaving the spaceport Spike is accosted by a an annoying motormouth named Roco insisting that Spike teach him the moves used to subdue the hijackers. While Spike shows him a Jeet Kune Do technique three suspicious looking gentlemen leave the spaceport throwing Roco into a panic. He leaves the parcel he was carrying with Spike telling him to meet at a cathedral on the outskirts of down and runs. Spike collects his bounty and returns to the Bebop to examine Roco's parcel. The bag contains a plant called Grey Ash, a rare and highly valuable plant used to synthesize the medication used to treat Venus Sickness. The once hostile planet Venus has been terraformed into a virtual Eden through the use of large floating plants. Unfortunately these plants can provoke an allergic reaction in some individuals causing any number of symptoms collectively known as Venus Sickness. Untreated Venus Sickness can be fatal. While checking out the next bounties Spike is surprised to see none other than Roco listed among the wanted. Heading out to investigate and collect Roco, Spike comes across a crashed spaceship in the Venusian desert where Roco lives. Only he doesn't live alone. His sister Stella lives there as well. She is blind having lost her eyesight to Venus Sickness. It seems in order to cure his sister's blindness Roco stole a Grey Ash from the wrong people and they want their plant back. Roco meets up with Spike at the cathedral after having had a painful run in with the three gentleman from the spaceport. They appear as soon as Spike hands over the plant with the intent of killing both Spike and Roco. At this point Faye, very annoyed at having missed an opportunity at her target bounty, shows up in her ship Redtail and starts shooting up the place. A gunfight ensues in which Roco is fatally wounded and the Grey Ash plant is destroyed. Spike visits Stella in the hospital where Spike secretly used some Grey Ash seeds Roco had stashed away and a portion of his share of the bounty on the three remaining thugs to get her the proper treatment for her blindness. Stella surmises from Spike's visit that her brother is dead. Spike leaves her with a bouquet of flowers and the knowledge that her brother was every bit the man she thought he was.


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