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Tenchi Universe - ep. 1 - Kyle's 50th Edit List

by Kyle Pope,

I'm told that I have contributed my 50th edit list. That's quite a milestone. With the advent of Cartoon Network's new Adult Action Swim block things look like they'll be getting busier. This is a good thing. Anime still has momentum behind it and there are no signs of it abating.

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain how I compile these lists. But first I should mention just what constitutes an edit for the purposes of these lists. An edit is any divergence in either the visuals or the dialogue between the version aired on TV and the unedited DVD dub. For the purposes of Toonami edits I have eliminated the removal of expletives simply because the sheer number of these edits expands each list to unmanageable proportions. I trust the reader to know that if a character is using terms like "heck", "blast", "darn", etc that it's a pretty good bet that a stronger word was originally used. Changes to other dialogue, however, will be noted (i.e., Outlaw Star changing "gun" into "blaster"). I left in the expletive deletions for Adult Swim because AS does use expletives even if they are the milder ones ("hell", "damn").

As for compiling the lists themselves I simply tape the program in question off the air and then run it in synch with the DVD dub, noting where either the visuals or the dialogue show any sign of divergence. By this method I hope to provide as accurate and definitive a list as I can. I do miss things from time to time as some of your e-mails have pointed out. I do appreciate the updates and corrections of things I've overlooked. Also these lists reflect the first airing of these shows. Re-airings of these shows may have additional edits added as was the case with Outlaw Star. Unless the editing pattern between two airings of the same show are radically different (i.e., the Toonami programs airing on AAS are re-edited to Adult Swim standards) I'll let the original list stand.

I certainly hope I've provided a useful resource for the anime fan community in compiling these lists. A Google search has revealed that other anime web sites have been citing them and they've turned up in various discussion forums. The year in review column for ANN says that the Edit List is one of ANN's more popular features. I am certainly happy to do my part to bring more traffic to this site that was so good to give a permanent home to my efforts. As far as Cowboy Bebop is concerned I'd like to send my regards to another list keeper for helping to keep me honest (Hi, Fata Morgana).

So for those of you who want to know how your favorite shows are being handled by the networks the lists will continue. As of this writing there's Gundam 0083 to look forward to. And who knows what surprises this new CN adult block will throw at us. So keep enjoying my lists and let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome. it is available on the DVD.


The TM OVAs have ended and now we start the first TV series. Tenchi Universe is considerably tamer than the OVAs with virtually no nudity and the sexual innuendo ramped way down. As such the edits lists are going to be rather slim for this show.

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Discussion

1. Tenchi's "Oh, smell of alcohol" changed to "Yup, passed out".

2. Ryouko's tirade against Mihoshi shortened.

This episode first hints at what will be the principle target for the censors: Alcohol. The majority of the members of the Masaki household indulge, especially Ryouko. This is the show where tea-for-alcohol substitution reached a new high in hitting new lows. In fact there's an upcoming episode where it was obvious the dub cast was starting to have fun with the ridiculousness of the whole idea.


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