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The Edit List
Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 3, 4 & 5

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 3: Long Distance Lunacy

1. Ryouko's "I'll heal you with the power of love" changed to "I'll help you lie down right now".

2. Scene of Tenchi undressing in the boy's locker room and Ryouko and Aeka's intense interest in him doing so cut.

3. Reporting Device's "He's become a vicious demon and he's spending time in Hell" changed to "Tenchi's a vicious monster who's taking over the world".

With the feedback from Cartoon Network to work with these edits are a lot easier to take now that the rationale behind them has been somewhat revealed. However I must point out that edit #1 really didn't do anything to tone down that scene.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 4: The Eternal Pledge

1. Hotsuma's "...and they ended their lives with their own hands" cut.

Last time I checked Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was required reading for school students.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 5: Money, Money, Money

1. Completely unedited.

Another safe episode. Then with what's going on at Adult Swim I can use a series with little to report.


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