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Dai-Guard: Disaster from the Sea

by Kyle Pope,
This show is new to me but it looks like an interesting take on the old school giant robot genre with a corporate twist. We seem to have the standard language edits and the removal of death references. So far this show looks like something Toonami might pick up for a future full length run.

Dai-Guard: Disaster from the Sea

1: Blood digitally removed from soldier's face.

2: Chief seismologist's "My god! Look at the size of it!" changed to "Look at the size of it!"

3: Nishijima's "Damn it, I know that" changed to "I know that."

4: Aoyama's "What the hell are you talking about?" cut.

5: Supervisor's"And who the hell are you?" cut.

6: Aoyama's "Has everyone here lost their freakin' minds? Those morons" cut.

7: Aoyama's "Now let's get the hell out of here!" and Akagi's "I'm going, I'm going" cut.

8: Akagi's "Bastard!" cut.

Well of the shows Toonami picked up from ADV this seems the safest. Other than language and death references I haven't seen any problems on the order of Eva or even Nadesico.

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