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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 2 & 3

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 2: Kid Samurai

1) Scene of Gansuke punching Yahiko cut.

2) Scene of yakuza thug kicking Yahiko cut.

3) Scene of Yahiko kicking yakuza thug in the family jewels cut.

4) Yakuza boss's "It's high time somebody showed the loud-mouthed punk who owns his scrawny ass" changed to "It's high time somebody showed the loud-mouthed punk who owns him."

5) Heart of Sword ED used instead of Tactics ED. Clarification... The ending theme Heart of Sword is played over scenes from the Sobakasu opening animation.

Once again the words "kill" and "die" are unaltered though there were other language edits. As words like "hell" and "damn" are not permitted on Toonami my policy remains not to specifically list their substitutions. I trust you to recognize the "hecks" and "darns" for what they really are (and the occasional "witch" as well).

Considering all the abuse Yahiko absorbs on screen you have to wonder why they edited the few scenes they did. They don't show Yahiko getting punched or kicked but they have no problem with him being slammed into walls, shoved around, having his arm twisted, stepped on and ultimately threatened with death or grievous bodily harm.

Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 03: Swordsman of Sorrow

1) Smoke from Yamagata's cigar digitally removed. However the cigar remains. (I haven't a clue as to the logic behind this one.)

2) Not an Edit... Blood from town cop's nose left in.

3) Scene of Yahiko's face as he is confronted by a swordblade cut.

4) Scene of unconcious police swordsmen cut. (But they weren't dead. They were unconcious.)

Well this has got to be the oddest group of edits I've seen yet. They erase the cigar smoke but not the cigar. The cut out a scene of unconscious bodies. The whole point of the sakabatou is that the victims aren't killed.

The cut one scene with Yahiko having a sword in his face but show the next scene where once again he has a sword in his face. Trying to deduce the editing parameters here is becoming rather confusing.

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