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Yu Yu Hakusho 28 & 29

by Mike Majeski,
28. First Fight

1. NOT AN EDIT – In Recap, Kuwabara slicing a demon in half still in.

2. Box seat patron's “A box seat to Hell before Lady Death takes us there herself!” changed to “A box seat to Oblivion before Lady Death takes us there herself” commenting on the view.

3. Rinku's “Dammit, shoulda' known I'd get stuck with the weak one!” changed to “Darn it, shoulda' known I'd get stuck with the weak one”

4. Blood removed from Kuwabara's temple caused by Rinku's attack.

5. In Preview – Scene where Roto punches a strangely submissive Kurama replaced with the two fighters across the ring from each other and Roto starts to charge in.

6. In Preview – Scene where Kurama takes multiple punches to the face is replaced with an extended still of Kurama taking one punch.

7. In Preview – Scene where Roto slices an X in Kurama's cheek replaced with a Scene where Kurama lets down his guard.

8. In Preview – Scene where Kurama turns away from his attacker showing his face dripping with blood replaced with Roto taunting him and Kurama just standing there, arms behind his back and then taking a kick in the gut and 2 punches

Wow, here's a change... Only eight edits! I guess with the source of most of the language edits asleep, and both fighters using spirit-based attacks (i.e. no blood to mop up) there wouldn't be. Considering half of the edits where in the previews, it seems the next episode won't be so lightly edited.

29. Flowers of Blood

1. In Recap - Blood removed from Kuwabara's temple caused by Rinku's attack.

2. In close-up, as Kuwabara hits the ground for the second time, he coughs up some blood - blood removed

3. Blood removed as Kuwabara hits the ground hard again.

4. Shizuru's arm and cigarette removed.

5. Scene where after running off, Kayko stops and turns around to respond to Boton by saying, “Maybe Shizuru's right and worrying won't make a difference! But I still have to try!” – CUT.

6. Scene where Kayko is confront by a extra large demon – CUT.

7. Scene where the Demon's says, “what's the matter, little girl? You Lost? Go on to your filthy home... This here tournament is for apparitions only.” – CUT.

8. Kayko's response “You can't scare me with that talk! I know Yusuke's beaten creatures a lot bigger than you!” – CUT.

9. Demon's “Your boy's asleep. Too bad you can't protect yourself.” – CUT.

10. The scene where the demon tries to lick Kayko and is stopped by Shizuru putting out her cigarette on the demon's tongue. – CUT.

11. Kayko saying, “thanks a lot” and running down to the arena's edge – CUT.

12. Boton's “So, I see where Kuwabara got the need to defend himself growing up.” – CUT.

13. Shizuru's Response of “Yeah” as she's stands beside Boton holding on to her Cigarette – CUT. (I hope it was a fresh one)

14. Zeru's “Get the hell out of the way, Rinku!” changed to “Rinku move! Watch out for his spirit sword!” as Kuwabara and Rinku are about to mutually hit each other,

15. Rinku's “Damn it! I didn't think he could throw such a blow!” changed to “Darn it! I didn't think he could throw such a blow”

16. Gondawara's “He can't even hit the bastard!” changed to “He can't even hit the bugger!” talking about Roto's inability to hit Kurama.

17. Scene where Roto says, “No fighting back!” as he repeatedly punched Kurama in the face – CUT.

18. Demon spectator's “Who gives a damn! When do we get to hear the bones break!” changed to “Who cares! When do we get to hear the bones breaking!”

19. Roto's “Dammit!” changed to “Weakling!” when after all his efforts he can't break Kurama

20. Scene where Roto slices Kurama's cheek with little or no reaction – CUT.

21. Close-up of Roto where he says “Stop... That... Look!” – CUT.

22. Scene where it starts out with a spray of blood and then continues with a scene of both fighters, Kurama has his head turned and blood is spraying from his face – CUT.

23. Scene of Kurama turns back to look at Roto defiantly, blood streaming down his cheek – CUT.

24. Roto's “It doesn't matter, anyway! Because I'm the one with power now!”

25. Blood from Kurama's cheek visibly reduced.

26. Scene of the Death Plant Sprouting out of Roto's body in a spray of blood – CUT.

27. Hiei's “It's past.” changed to “Later.” About telling Boton and Kuwabara about what had happened in Kurama's fight. (Why did they feel they had to change this?)

What a difference a day makes. We had almost twice the number of edits before the commercial break that we had in the entire previous episode. And due to a cigarette we have another scene cut. Admittedly, this scene wasn't as critical as Yusuke's first fight in the Genkai Tournament. But it was somewhat important to show how the girls fare in very hostile environments and that they had to tread lightly.

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