Only Yesterday (Sub.DVD/R2)

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Title: Only Yesterday
Volume: Sub.DVD/R2
Running time: 116
Distributor: Optimum Releasing

Release date: 2006-09-04
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: PG

SKU: OPTD-0323
EAN: 5060034573630 5060034573630

Realising that she is at a crossroads in her life, bored twenty-something office worker Taeko heads for the countryside. The trip dredges up forgotten memories, childish romance, puberty and growing up; the frustrations of maths and boys. In lyrical switches between the present and the past, Taeko wonders if she has been true to the dreams of her childhood self.

• Storyboards
• Making Of Featurette
• Studio Ghibli Trailer Reel

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