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Patlabor the Mobile Police - Complete Collection [Special Edition] (Blu-ray)

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Title: Patlabor the Mobile Police - Complete Collection [Special Edition]
Volume: Blu-ray
Running time: 2161
Distributor: Maiden Japan

Release date: 2020-07-21
Suggested retail price: $99.98
Age rating: 14+

UPC: 816726027234 816726027234

Patlabor Special Edition contains episodes 1-47 of the anime series directed by Naoyuki Yoshinaga, episodes 1-16 of Patlabor the Mobile Police: The New Files, episodes 1-7 of The Original OVA Series, and Movies 1-3.

Building the city of the future is a tough job, but the development of Labors… giant robots specifically designed for construction and other heavy duty tasks… is transforming the world. Unfortunately, when someone puts that much power in a machine, the one thing that's certain is that someone somewhere will find a way to use it to commit crimes. That's why Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has its massive Ingram Patrol Labors and the brave men and women of Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2… including the teams most recent recruit, the mecha obsessed Noa Azumi. Get ready for some of the wildest, most incredible adventures ever as Noa and her new comrades in arms hit the street in the ultimate collection of one of anime's most legendary creations - Mobile Police Patlabor!

Special Features: Deleted Scenes; English Dubbed Episodes of Griffon Ressurected, SCHAFT'S Counterattack, The Greatest Showdown in History, GAME OVER; MINIPATO 1, 2 & 3; Clean Opening Animation; and Clean Closing Animation

(added on 2021-05-20, modified on 2021-05-20)
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