Samurai Deeper Kyo (GN 11 of 31)

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Title: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Volume: GN 11 / 31
Pages: 192
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2005-02-08
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1595324518 1595324518
ISBN-13: 9781595324511 9781595324511

Long, long ago... Bontenmaru commanded the Oou, but now he has joined the Shiseiten! He joined the dark side because they were far stronger than any troupes he had ever led. Now he is extending Kyo an offer to join his side. Regardless of Kyo's decision, he will need to return to his master and the one that forged his sword... the legendary Toushou Muramasa!

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