ANN's Most Read Interest Articles of 2018

by Lynzee Loveridge,

2018 brought a lot of change-ups to Interest as our small time spent more time creating in-depth articles from the industry, breaking news about controversy on social media, and still including all the fun "most anticipated" and strange developments you expect from us. I got to close out the year writing about how a bot seized control of Rokka: Brave of Six Flower's website and posted a bunch of garbled nonsense about marijuana while also breaking the controversy that would eventually see the [New Life+] Young Again in Another World anime cancelled.

Interest writers Kim Morrissy and Jennifer Sherman helped make it all possible, and of course, all of our readers here at Anime News Network. Here's the list of what articles intrigued you guys most this. Any headline followed by a (**) was published in 2017 but was still read widely in 2018.

  1. Shonen Jump Editors Apologize for Eiichiro Oda's Comments in One Piece Manga's 89th Volume
  2. Hajime no Ippo's Protagonist Shocks Fans With Announcement in Latest Chapter
  3. Anime Producer Yuichi Fukushima Endures Harassment Over DARLING in the FRANKXX Episode
  4. Reki Kawahara Apologizes to Voice Actors for Latest Sword Art Online Episode
  5. Asuna's No Longer Sword Art Online's 'Best Girl'
  6. Kim Kardashian Says Darling in the Franxx's Zero Two Inspired Her Hair
  7. Cancer Researcher Praises, Explains Cells at Work! Anime's Episode 7
  8. Here's 32 Shōjo Manga You Need to Read
  9. Hajime Isayama Reveals His Struggles to Draw the End of Attack on Titan
  10. Goku Voice Actress Masako Nozawa Reveals Catchphrase in Dragon Ball Anime Started as Ad Lib
  11. One Piece Creator Donates US$8 Million for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief
  12. NHK Reveals Full Results of Ultimate Gundam Poll
  13. Highschool of the Dead Manga Artist Says 'It's Not Easy' to Draw Continuation
  14. Mother Collects Shonen Jump for 7 Years to Honor Son Who Died in Quake
  15. Overlord Illustrator so-bin Draws DARLING in the FRANXX's Zero Two
  16. My Hero Academia Characters Show Off Their Avengers Fandom in Crossover Videos
  17. Sword Art Online's Asuna is This Year's Anime June Bride
  18. My Hero Academia Creator Kōhei Horikoshi 'Dekus' the Hall with Boughs of Holly
  19. Best and Worst Manga of 2018 Results - Comic-Con International
  20. Uniqlo Marks Shonen Jump's 50th Anniversary With Manga T-Shirts
  21. Hajime Isayama Shares His Inspiration for Attack on Titan
  22. Recovery of an MMO Junkie Director Causes Controversy With Anti-Semitic Tweets
  23. Naruto's High-End Kurama Figure Prepares to Pounce
  24. Technical Glitch Reveals Virtual YouTuber's Real Identity
  25. Beta Pokémon Gold Reveals a Whole New World of Monsters

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