Tiger & Bunny Head Writer Clarifies Sequel Possibilities

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Masafumi Nishida: No intention of writing a Tiger & Bunny work without Kotetsu & Barnaby

Masafumi Nishida, the script editor of the Tiger & Bunny television anime series, clarified an answer he gave about a hypothetical Tiger & Bunny sequel in a Tuesday newspaper interview. When asked by the Nikkan Sports newspaper about "if there is a sequel" for the super hero story, Nishida responded, "A story about the next generation sounds interesting."

However, after the interview, Nishida posted on his blog to emphasize that he was speaking only about a hypothetical sequel, and not the story of an actual sequel. He added, "I have no intention of writing a Tiger & Bunny work in which [the main characters] Kotetsu and Barnaby do not appear."

The Tiger & Bunny television series ended early Sunday morning with an announcement of a "Tiger & Bunny Hero Awards 2011" event on November 13. The event will be the first part of the "next project" for Tiger & Bunny.

Tiger & Bunny is Nishida's first foray into television anime. He also wrote for the live-action television series based on Fujiko Fujio A's supernatural manga Kaibutsu-kun, and he is now writing the live-action television version of the classic supernatural adventure anime Humanoid Monster Bem (Yōkai Ningen Bem).

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