Boys-in-Girls'-Clothing Mag Bundles Sports Bra, Panties

posted on by Egan Loo
Oto☆Nyan manga magazine offers striped set as "New Year's gift"

The sixth volume of Million Shuppan's Oto☆Nyan, a manga magazine about otokonoko* (males in female clothing), shipped on Wednesday with an underwear set as a "New Year's gift." The bundled sports bra and panties come in one of three random colors: pink stripes, green stripes, or purple stripes.

Most of the magazine issue itself is devoted to nine manga titles, all themed around otokonoko. It also features an interview with creator Tomoki Matsumoto, the creator of the Prunus Girl romantic comedy manga about a mischievous boy masquerading as a girl.

* The Japanese term "男の娘" (otokonoko or literally, "male maidens") happens to be pronounced the same way as the term for "boy," "男の子."

Source: Comic Natalie

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