Gust Offers 3D Ciel nosurge Mousepads With Omelet Surprise

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Mousepads accentuating in-game "omeledy" dish to debut at July 1 event

Game developer Gust will offer 3D mousepads of Ion — the main character from its PlayStation Vita title Ciel nosurge ~Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Shi~ — with a difference. In the world of the Surge Concerto games, there is a type of omelet called "omeledy" which happens to be shaped like certain parts of the female anatomy. The two mounds of "omeledy" serve as the hand rest on the 3D mousepad.

The mousepad will be available at the developer's upcoming "Gust Gala: Atelier & Ciel nosurge" event on July 1. As the name suggests, the event will celebrate not only the recent release of Ciel nosurge, but also Gust's long-running Atelier game franchise.

Voice cast members Mai Kadowaki (Atelier series' Rorona), Kaori Nazuka (Atelier series' Totori), Satomi Akesaka (Atelier series' Meruru), Atsuko Tanaka (Atelier Rorona's Astrid), Asuka Tanii (Atelier series' Pamela), Ai Kakuma (Ciel nosurge's Ion), Inori Minase (Ciel nosurge's Cath), and Nana Inoue (Ciel nosurge's Kanon) are scheduled to appear at the event. Ciel nosurge director Akira Tsuchiya and Atelier of Arland/Atelier Ayesha director Yoshito Okamura will also appear, and musical guests Mineko Yamamoto and Saya will perform there as well.

Tickets to the event went on sale on Saturday. All attendees will receive an exclusive voice message from Ciel nosurge's Ion and a Ciel nosurge original drama CD.

NIS America has released many of the Atelier games in North America. Atelier Meruru hit North American shelves on May 29. The next game in the series, Atelier Ayesha is scheduled to ship in Japan on June 28.

Sources: Dengeki Online, 4Gamer via My Game News Flash

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