Evangelion Inspires Sapporo Apartment Complex's Name, Theme

posted on by Ko Ransom
4 story "A.T. Field" complex features Evangelion-inspired "Private Only" doors

The Japanese Gim construction planning company recently completed constructing an Evangelion-inspired apartment complex in Sapporo, Hokkaido named "A.T. Field." The 4 story, 14 room complex features a red stripe on its facade in reference to the Evangelion series' Lance of Longinus, while its black "Private Only" doors draw from the title's Seele monoliths.

Construction on the reinforced concrete A.T. Field building was completed this March, and the building contains 10 larger studio-style rooms with living, dining, and kitchen spaces, and 4 smaller rooms with only kitchen space in addition to a bedroom. It has a gross floor area of 559.47 square meters (about 6,022 square feet.)

[Via ITmedia's Netlab]

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