Toyota Forms New Venture With Gundam's Zeonic to Sell Car

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Toyota hopes to offer Char's Auris hatchback before year's end

Toyota aims to bring the MS-186H-CA Auris hatchback to market this year by embarking on a "joint venture" with the fictional Gundam company Zeonic. Shuuichi Ikeda, the voice of the first Gundam anime's antagonist Char, appeared alongside Char-cosplaying comedian Numacchi at the company's Wednesday press event.

Toyota launched a Toyota Zeonic company website and Facebook page on Wednesday. Users can participate as virtual employees and receive employee perks, like room stays at the Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba Room-G Special Type, a Gundam-themed hotel room with Earth Federation and Zeon rooms.

The site will allow users to communicate their ideas for future campaigns, all in hopes of launching the car for retail. Netz dealerships will allow customers to test-drive the Auris and receive a limited edition cushion.

In Gundam's Universal Century storyline, Zeonic mainly builds the robotic mecha known as mobile suits for the Principality of Zeon.

Toyota first revealed the Char Auris hatchback last year at Japan's Chara-Hobby 2012 event.


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