Domino's Launches Second Tiger & Bunny Promotional Campaign

posted on by Eric Stimson
Apply to receive exclusive character stands, wallpaper

The very nature of Tiger & Bunny lends itself to advertising campaigns for other products, and Domino's Pizza has already promoted the show with mugs, CDs and clocks. Now, just in time for the new movie, Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-, Domino's is at it again.

Starting on January 6, 2014, all medium and large orders of pizza will come in special Tiger & Bunny boxes. Customers can also apply to receive four different 170-centimeter-high character stands — Wild Tiger, Barnaby, Fire Emblem and Golden Ryan — signed by the characters' respective actors, as well as a pizza box signed by all four characters' actors. Only one of each will be available. There are also two different exclusive desktop wallpapers available for download at the site.

This campaign will be limited to Japan. Further details regarding the campaign are forthcoming. The site also mentions the possibility of another series of radio-style CDs being made, but details on this endeavor are also lacking at the moment.

[Via Domino's]

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