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Own a 20-Piece Sailor Moon Pin & Charm Collection

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: ballpoint pens

The 20th anniversary celebrations for the Sailor Moon franchise continue! Now Premium Bandai is offering a 20-piece set of Sailor Moon-themed pins and charms. The collection includes five accessories from the original two series (Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R), ten from Sailor Moon S (five are Sailor Moon's, five are Chibiusa's), and five from Sailor Moon Super S.

Here are all the items (from left to right):

Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon R Sailor Moon S (Sailor Moon)
Transformation Broach (pin) Cosmic Heart Compact (pin)
Crystal Star Broach (pin) Spiral Heart Moon Rod (charm)
Moon Stick (charm) Rainbow Moon Chalice (charm)
Cutie Moon Rod (charm) Space Sword (charm)
Key of Time (charm) Transformation Lip Rod (Uranus) (charm)
Sailor Moon S (Chibiusa) Sailor Moon Super S
Prism Heart Compact (pin) Crisis Moon Compact (pin)
Pink Moon Stick (charm) Kaleido Moon Scope (charm)
Garnet Rod (charm) Chibi Moon Compact (pin)
Deep Aqua Mirror (charm) Crystal Carillon (charm)
Transformation Lip Rod (Neptune) (charm) Pegasus Silhouette Charm

The compacts are openable. Also, the charms are thick and gold-plated with surface finish.

The complete set costs 9,990 yen (or about $97.58), while one of the sets of five items costs 2,781 yen (or $27.17). Reservations are accepted until September for a single-set order and until October for the complete set. Deliveries will begin in November for the single-set order and December for the complete set. You can order the sets here and here.

In addition, Premium Bandai is offering these ballpoint pens based on the Inner Senshi's transformation pens:

Sailor Moon's pen is capped with a glass stone, and the pen bodies "feel like pearl."

The complete set costs 6,480 yen (or $63.30). Reservations are accepted until September 8 and deliveries begin in November. They can be ordered here.

[Via Premium Bandai]

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