Eva Collabs with Game Developer for Matchmaking Real-Escape Event

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga
Defend Neo Tokyo-3 from an Angel attack

Evacon—a Japanese convention for die-hard Neon Genesis Evangelion fans—is teaming up with Japanese game developer RealD Game for a rather interesting get-together event.

Known as "Escape from Neo-Tokyo 3," this upcoming event will be held in Shiodome in Tokyo. In this scenario, Neo-Tokyo 3 is under attack by an Angel, and it's up to Shinji and Rei to defend it — but they don't know their adversary's weak point. The Evangelions have 60 minutes to operate; players must use that time to gather clues and give directions to Shinji and Rei; otherwise "there is no future for humanity."

The event hopes to gather Eva fans and get them to socialize with each other by discussing their shared interest of the psychological mecha anime. After completing the game, participants will be invited to a restaurant located in Nippon TV Tower, where sparks can truly fly.

The matchmaking event will be held on August 16 in Nippon TV Hall on the second floor of Nippon TV Tower in Shiodome. It is open to players aged 20 to 39 and costs 7,500 yen ($61) for men, 5,500 yen ($44.80) for women. The real escape game lasts from July 24 to August 30 and costs 3,000 yen ($24.43) in advance, 3,500 yen ($28.50) on the spot. Tickets can be bought at Lawson, e+, and Ticketpia.

A promotional event for Ju-on (The Grudge) last month also looked to bond couples together in fright. Other anime series that received their own real-escape games include Attack on Titan, Space Brothers, One Piece, and Death Note.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan]

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