Sun & Moon's Topless Pokémon Professor Has Fans Hot & Bothered

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The tropical setting of Pokémon Sun & Moon means a more liberal dress code for what is usually the franchise's most straight-laced NPC. Each Pokémon incarnation had its own professor, the character that gives players a quick rundown on the game dynamics and their starter Pokémon before sending them on their intrepid journey. The role is usually filled by a Professor Oak type, a somewhat serious-looking scientist type.

Pokémon Sun & Moon has Professor Kukui, his role denoted by his white lab jacket. There just happens to be no shirt underneath.

The Internet is collectively fanning itself with comments ranging from appreciative of his physique to downright crude. The call for "Rule 34" was almost immediate followed closely behind by shipping of Pokémon X & Y's young and attractive Professor Sycamore.

Just as the Internet machine got rolling, the same that's turned textbook character Ellen Baker into a pin-up, a new, heart-shattering detail about Professor Kukui was revealed. He might not be wearing a shirt, but he is wearing a ring on his left ring finger. Professor Kukui appears to be a married man. Fans lamented from the hills while others simply saw it as another attractive bonus.

[Via Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku (NSFW)]

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