Oscar Will Have You in Palm of Her Hand at Rose of Versailles Trick Art Exhibit

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Also: kabe-don with Andre

Yokohama's Artrick Museum takes a fun and lighthearted approach to art with its trick art: artwork that provides the illusion that it's bursting out of its two-dimensional limitations to engage with the visitor. It's long been a staple of funhouses or art exhibits that don't take themselves too seriously. This year, fans of classic anime will have a reason to check it out, as the shōjo manga and anime The Rose of Versailles is the subject of its latest art.

Oscar is truly a giant among manga heroines... but we're not sure we mean that this way.

If you find yourself transfixed by Andre, Fersen and Girodelle's steely gazes, it's no wonder: the eyes on this painting seem to follow you.

As Oscar rides off to storm the Bastille, her energy can't be contained by a mere portrait frame.

It may not have been part of shōjo lore in The Rose of Versailles's day, but kabe-don is represented here nonetheless: visitors can imagine themselves getting "pinned" against the wall by Andre.

Marie Antoinette is here too, and if visitors push a button they can see a different quote in her speech balloon. This one says, "Even over social media, I'm a true queen. Well then, let's upload this!" There are a total of 12 different lines available.

Visitors can also buy Rose of Versailles goods and see these statues of Oscar and Andre as Chinese lions. The statues may seem out of place, but they aren't: the Artrick Museum is located in Yokohama's Chinatown. The exhibit will remain until September 18.

The Rose of Versailles is experiencing a revival as its artist, Riyoko Ikeda, is drawing new stories for Margaret magazine and as 2017 marks the manga's 45th anniversary. This has led to an art book, Valentine's Day chocolates, and a sumō prize banner.

Source: Comic Natalie

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